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Divemaster Kits


What should be inside a NOAA Divemaster Kit?


The NOAA Diving Program requires that Diving Units keep the following items in their Divemaster Kits: (Divers should also complement these with items that are useful to the type of diving they do.)

Tools and gear that should be included in a NOAA Divemaster kit.

These are some of the items that are required to be inside a NOAA Divemaster Kit. 

  • O-rings
  • Extra fin straps and mask straps
  • Mouth pieces
  • Zip ties
  • Port plugs (high pressure and low pressure)
  • Scuba tools (things like allen wrenches for the port plugs, small adjustable wrenches to tighten hoses, screwdriver set, side cutters for zip ties, etc…)
  • Snorkel keepers
  • HP spool (a cylindrical object that creates a seal between the HP gauge and the HP hose that allows the gauge to swivel around without leaking) 

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