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Utility Navigation



I have a private pilot's license; can I be commissioned as an aviator?


NOAA Corps has multiple venues for recruiting pilots:

  1. Personnel brought in as an Inter-Service Transfer from the U.S. Navy for the distinct purpose of P-3 support.
  2. Active aviators with a commercial airplane multiengine land certificate with instrument rating (or military equivalent) brought in as Inter-Service Transfer from another US Active Duty Service for the purpose of flying NOAA's light aircraft platforms.
  3. Non-Aviators or those with less than a commercial airplane multiengine certificate with instrument rating may be considered for flight training following the Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC) and an initial sea assignment. The NOAA Corps may select aviators from (BOTC) to report directly to aviation training contingent on the needs of the service.

Note: An officer is not guaranteed aviation training upon commissioning. Pilots and Navigators have strict vision and other physical requirements.

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