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Green Initiatives at CCFHR

Jan 12

Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research (CCFHR), Beaufort, NC

Notes from Class III NOAA F1492, R/V Hildebrand from 2001 to 2009:

    • ePaint costs more, requires more haulouts (erodes near waterline and near running gear).
    • On R/V Hildebrand - replaced epoxy decks with water-based sound reducing paint overcoated with water-based non-skid on the decks to reduce noise levels and VOCs.
    • Old 903 diesels like bio-based fuels and lubricants. We improved oil pressure problems at idle and the black sooty transom disappeared.
    • Hydraulics and steering systems don't care what hydraulic oil you use so long as you have adequate cooling (bandit reels and deep sets can "burn" any hydraulic fluids), so use vegetable based ones. Caveat - they leak through smaller leaks so watch your fittings.
      • PetroWrap will protect metal fittings from salt and spray and is cheaper and more reliable than stainless fittings (which fail without warning and are not environmentally friendly to produce)
      • Oil testing reduced our frequency of oil changing depending on use.
      • Removing all paint and the Coast Guard issue rubrail (replaced with an aluminum pipe rubrail) from the topsides of aluminum hulls reduced maintenance costs and corrosion.
      • Carpet was replaced with recycled rubber padding from eco surfaces (in beautiful NOAA colors) that was wet diver proof and reduced cabin sounds
      • Bilge fluids and fuels are contained using bilge filters that trap 99% of contaminants from water on the way out and bilge pump switches that will not pump when oil is present in the water
      • Removal of paints and resins can be done with more friendly chemicals: several available from Global Speciality Products, and the Back to Nature brand available at West Marine.
      • Most states have clean marina programs (a NOAA/state initiative) with lists of alternative cleaners and ways to manage boat facilities that contain fuels and runoff.

Notes on Class I boats:

    • Replaced mercury containing bilge pump switches.
    • Installed oil absorbing filters on bilge pumps to reduce fuel and oil from escaping bilge areas in case of spills
    • Replaced carb equipped 2 stroke engines with fuel injected or 4 stroke engines.



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