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NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson supports Bering Sea seal survey

Apr 29
NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson and ice

NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson and ice.

NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson supported an ice-associated seal research survey in the central Bering Sea from April 2-29, 2016. The species studied during the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Marine Mammal Laboratory project included ribbon, spotted, bearded and ringed seals. A key objective was to attach satellite-linked tags on ribbon and spotted seals, which spend time either on or in the proximity of sea-ice during this time of year. Scientists plan to use data collected from the satellite-linked tags, together with information collected during similar surveys since 2005, to learn more about the timing of when these seals "haul out," that is come out of the water onto the ice. This information is critical for calculating abundance estimates from aerial surveys. (Source: AKFSC/MML)




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