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Problems with Flexible Braided Hoses

Sep 26

In a couple of recent articles in Alert Diver magazine (links below), Divers Alert Network (DAN) reported a potential problem with some flexible braided hoses that are commonly used on newer regulators as a replacement to the standard, rubber-covered regulator hoses. According to the first article, the inside of the braided hose is susceptible to interior degradation which can cause the hose to become blocked.

Divers can examine regulator hoses by squeezing them every inch or so for stiff spots (especially if diving in hot, humid climates). If you notice any changes in resistance or air-flow restriction, stop using your regulator. NOAA Divers should notify the Standard Equipment Program (SEP) immediately.

Although no problems have been reported in the field, SEP is planning to replace braided hoses to rubber ones when divers send in their regulators for scheduled maintenance.




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