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BCD Removal and Replacement on the Bottom

Oct 21

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Transcript Content


00:00:05.000 --> 00:00:07.000
[underwater exhalation]

00:00:11.266 --> 00:00:13.166
There are a couple of reasons you want to be
able to do this:

00:00:13.166 --> 00:00:16.466
first of all it is one of the required skills that you
need to do during your check out dive.

00:00:16.466 --> 00:00:23.132
But also, what is built into this skill is the muscle
memory where you learn where everything is

00:00:23.133 --> 00:00:26.066
and how the buckles and clips on your BC work

00:00:26.066 --> 00:00:29.132
and also when you get into week two of the

00:00:29.133 --> 00:00:33.133
some of that muscle memory is relied upon for
the rescue portion

00:00:33.133 --> 00:00:37.133
because during rescue you have to undo
buckles and clips and loosen shoulder straps

00:00:37.133 --> 00:00:40.133
and remove the BCD from the diver as you do a
complete rescue.

00:00:40.133 --> 00:00:41.899
So that's the reason we do it like this.

00:00:43.233 --> 00:00:48.866
BCD: remove and replace. The first thing you
want to do is let all the air out of your BC.

00:00:48.866 --> 00:00:55.166
You want it as negatively buoyant as possible.

00:00:55.166 --> 00:00:58.666
You're going to loosen up the shoulder straps;
you have a buckle over each shoulder.

00:00:58.666 --> 00:01:05.632
You want the shoulder straps open as far as
possible, that makes this skill much easier.

00:01:05.633 --> 00:01:11.599
Next thing you are going to do is take your
gauge console - notice how it runs under your
left shoulder strap and under your left arm -

00:01:11.600 --> 00:01:18.733
you are going to back that out and put it in your
BC pocket.

00:01:18.733 --> 00:01:22.166
At your waist, on the front, there's a plastic

00:01:22.166 --> 00:01:27.466
Undo that. underneath that is a Velcro
cummerbund, undo that as well.

00:01:27.466 --> 00:01:33.766
Remember that the regulator comes over your
right shoulder, so we want to take this off like a

00:01:33.766 --> 00:01:38.899
taking your left arm out first, that way you can
keep the regulator in your mouth during the
entire skill.

00:01:38.900 --> 00:01:40.900
Then, with your right hand reach back behind

00:01:40.900 --> 00:01:46.300
either grab the bottom of the scuba cylinder or
the bottom of your scuba jacket

00:01:46.300 --> 00:01:49.300
and take it off like we just did here.

00:01:49.300 --> 00:01:54.333
check to make sure there is nothing wrapped
around your first stage; that you cam band is
done properly

00:01:54.333 --> 00:02:00.033
and then to put it back on, put your right arm in
first. Remember the regulator hose comes
over your right shoulder.

00:02:00.033 --> 00:02:03.999
With your right hand push the scuba unit up
against your back

00:02:04.000 --> 00:02:14.600
and hook down with your left hand trying to find
that large shoulder strap hole.

00:02:14.600 --> 00:02:19.533
Then, find the cummerbund up front

00:02:19.533 --> 00:02:23.099
do the Velcro cummerbund and then the buckle
that is in front of that.

00:02:23.100 --> 00:02:30.566
And remember that we put our gauge console
in our BC pocket, that way it can't get tangled
up front when we put our scuba unit back on.

00:02:30.566 --> 00:02:32.566
Reach back and find your gauge console.

00:02:32.566 --> 00:02:40.699
Run it underneath your left arm in between the
BC shoulder strap and your body

00:02:40.700 --> 00:02:45.433
and then tuck it on the opposite side

00:02:45.433 --> 00:02:51.166
and then you can tighten down both of the
shoulder straps on your BC.

00:02:51.166 --> 00:02:55.232
That was scuba unit: remove and replace.

Closed Caption File




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