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How to Attach a Cylinder to your BCD

Jan 21

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Transcript Content


00:00:05.000 --> 00:00:07.000
[underwater exhalation]

00:00:08.600 --> 00:00:11.066
[Attaching a cylinder to your BCD]

00:00:11.066 --> 00:00:17.499
Anybody remember what I mentioned you need to do with the BC before putting it on the cylinder?

00:00:17.500 --> 00:00:22.733
-Soak it! -Wet it! -Get this cam band wet.
Alright? Let's go ahead and do that!

00:00:57.333 --> 00:01:00.733
When putting the BC on the cylinder...

00:01:00.733 --> 00:01:07.599
...two things you need to think about with regard to the orientation the BC has on the tank...

00:01:07.600 --> 00:01:11.266
As far as it's left to right orientation...

00:01:11.266 --> 00:01:15.999 want to line it up so the valve where air comes out of it...

00:01:16.000 --> 00:01:21.000 if it would hit the back of your head blow drying your hair.

00:01:21.000 --> 00:01:24.366
So that's the left to right orientation. As far as height...

00:01:24.366 --> 00:01:28.499
...your BC should have somewhat of a rigid back plate.

00:01:28.500 --> 00:01:35.000
That rigid back plate, just for starters, should line up with the base of the valve. OK?

00:01:35.000 --> 00:01:40.166
There is also a handle on your BC that is going to go over the valve...

00:01:40.166 --> 00:01:43.166
...and that will be somewhat taut as well...

00:01:43.166 --> 00:01:46.499
That will give you a rough estimate for your height.

00:01:46.500 --> 00:01:52.600
As you do some dives if you find out the tank is too high or too low you can make some subtle adjustments.

00:01:52.600 --> 00:01:57.066
Alright. So there is your orientation, left to right and height.

00:01:57.066 --> 00:02:07.999
To put the BC on the out for the cap so it does not get in the way of the cam...

00:02:08.000 --> 00:02:17.066 want to slide it down the cylinder, put the handle over the valve.

00:02:17.066 --> 00:02:22.532
Give yourself a little more slack if you need it, and down it goes.

00:02:22.533 --> 00:02:29.633
So the valve is coming out, it would hit the back of my head, the height is such that this handle is a little taut.

00:02:29.633 --> 00:02:39.633
The rigid back plate is in line with the bottom of the valve. Give or take an inch or so. Alright?

00:02:39.633 --> 00:02:52.666
At that point you're going to want to pinch the tank with your knees and hold the cam strap taut through the buckle.

00:02:52.666 --> 00:03:00.566
And once you get to that point, lift up on the buckle and stop right there until everyone gets to that point.

00:03:00.566 --> 00:03:11.399
Ok. So pull as much tension as you can through the buckle and then lift up on the buckle and hold it right like this. Everybody there?

00:03:11.400 --> 00:03:19.233
Just about? When you lift up on this buckle that will lock down this strap and I can let go with this other hand...

00:03:19.233 --> 00:03:24.566
With this buckle engaged like that, the strap is not going to slide any.

00:03:24.566 --> 00:03:31.732
Very important at this point to take the strap, go through the last opening on the buckle.

00:03:31.733 --> 00:03:35.899
You don't want to just clamp down the buckle thinking you're done.

00:03:35.900 --> 00:03:43.566
You got to go through that last opening...and then at that point you can slap the buckle down.

00:03:43.566 --> 00:03:50.266
If you missed that last opening...that buckle, if it gets caught on something during the dive...

00:03:50.266 --> 00:03:55.366
It can snag and unlock, and now your tank slides out.


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