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June 21, 2022
Type: Media: Document

Use this form to request the acquisition of a vessel to be used by NOAA, regulated under the NOAA Standards and Procedures Manual. May be new construction or an existing vessel from another agency.

June 21, 2022
Type: Media: Document

VOCs complete an SBO/Crewmember Authorization Letter for each person operating or crewing any small boat(s) within that Line Office Program.

Basic Officer Training Class 117
June 22, 2022
Type: Media: Image

Back row Left to Right - ENS Michael Doig, ENS Carl Noblitt, ENS Bart Buessler, ENS Damien Manda, ENS Brian Elliot

Middle Row Left to Right - ENS Jesse Milton, ENS Justin Ellis, ENS Scott Broo, ENS Philip J. Klavon, ENS Scott Youngkin

Front Row Left to Right - ENS Brian Adornato, ENS Gillian Faustine, ENS Jennifer Wegener, ENS Lindsey Norman
May 12, 2022
Type: Media: Document

Same as the existing GAR Form, with the following statement added under the title: "If any category is =>7 then stop and mitigate"


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