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Type: Media: Document

This updated NOAA Aircraft Plan amends NOAA’s 2019 aircraft plan entitled, “NOAA Aircraft Plan, Building and Sustaining NOAA's 21st Century Fleet.”

October 2, 2022
Type: Media: Video

The job of a hurricane hunter is not for the faint of heart. This brave crew must fly straight into one of the most destructive forces in nature. Hurricanes are born over the open ocean. And while satellites can track their...

September 28, 2022
Type: Media: Video

00:00:07:18 - 00:00:09:07
We’re alright, we’re alright.

00:00:21:01 - 00:00:21:26

00:00:21:26 - 00:00:23:12
There goes the sondes.

00:00:42:15 - 00:00:44:03
(violent rattling)

00:00:44:03 - 00:...


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