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NOAA Diver assembling an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) underwater
June 12, 2014
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diver and Unit Diving Supervisor Brian Degan attaches an acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) arm to a tripod mount for an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) near Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. The data collected will be used to fine tune models that forecast how long corals take to recover from injuries caused by large scale disturbances. 

NOAA diver using a diver operated stereo video camera
June 17, 2015
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diver Ray Boland operating a stereo video system to measure fish sizes in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM). The system captures two synchronized images that measure moving objects with a high degree of accuracy. 

NOAA Diver with a sea floor sensor
September 11, 2011
Type: Media: Image

A NOAA diver with a sea floor sensor.

A new species of dragonet fish
September 25, 2015
Type: Media: Image

A new species of dragonet fish collected by NOAA Divers at a depth of 300 feet, Pioneer Bank, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM). This was the deepest depth reached by NOAA Divers at the time of collection (September 2015). 

A NOAA Diving Center instructor teaches students how to clear their diving mask
September 15, 2015
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diving Center (NDC) instructor Nick Jeremiah teaches students how to clear their diving masks during a NOAA Diver Module 1: Fundamentals of NOAA Diving class.

Attendees of the 2015 UDS conference
March 12, 2015
Type: Media: Image

The attendees of the 2015 Unit Diving Supervisors (UDS) Conference.

Members of the NDCSB sitting at a table facing a conference room
March 11, 2015
Type: Media: Image

Members of the NOAA Diving Control and Safety Board (NDCSB) during the 2015 Unit Diving Supervisors (UDS) Conference. 

Type: Media: Document

The NOAA Diving Manual is a comprehensive reference specifically designed for the diving professional.

Diver surrounded by fish taking photos of coral habitat
February 9, 2015
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diver Louise Giuseffi performing a benthic survey. She is taking photo quads for later analysis. 

Students enter the water at the NOAA Diving Center basin using a giant stride entry
September 16, 2015
Type: Media: Image

Students perform a giant stride from the NOAA Diving Center (NDC) pier as NDC instructor Katie Mahaffey watches. Behind them is the NOAA Ship Fairweather

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