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Shipboard Sanitation Certificates

In 2007 the World Health Organization replaced the requirement for ships traveling internationally to hold a Deratting Certificate with the requirement for ships traveling internationally to hold a Ship Sanitation Certificate.  This certificate serves as proof that the ship is free of animal vectors for contagious disease, potential reservoirs of contagious disease, or ill persons.  Ships must be inspected by a competent authority to obtain a certificate.  The US Navy is that competent authority in the United States.  The US Navy issues two types of sanitation certificates.  A Shipboard Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate (SSCEC) is issued to ships that are found to be free of disease and disease risks.  When a health risk is found during an inspection a Ship Sanitation Control Certificate (SSCC) is issued after control measures have been successfully implemented.  Certificates are valid for 6 months but ships can be inspected at any time.  Certificates can be extended when they expire while the ship is underway.   Ships should contact one of the Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Units (NEPMU) listed below to arrange a sanitation inspection or to request an extension.    

1285 West D Street, BLDG U238
Shipboard Sanitation Certificates
Norfolk, VA 23511-3394
Phone: 757-953-6600
DSN: 377-6600
FAX: 757-953-7212
Email: sends e-mail)

3235 Albacore Alley
San Diego, CA 92136
Phone: 619-556-7070
DSN: 526-7070
FAX: 619-556-7080
Email: sends e-mail)

385 SOUTH AVE. BLDG 618 
JBPHH, HI  96860
Phone: 808-471-0237
DSN: 315-471-0237
FAX: 808-471-0157

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