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About Behavioral Health & Wellness


Behavioral Health as an industry has traditionally focused on clinical services: the assessment and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. This is an important function that serves approximately 20% of the workforce in a given year. Important though this function is, the behavioral health industry is actively expanding its scope beyond this to include non-clinical functions that serve 100% of the workforce all the time. Such non-clinical services include: improving stress management and resilience, human performance optimization, and advocating for and/or implementing any intervention (policy, program, or practice) that positively impacts wellness and well-being.


Keeping the traditional clinical services of the behavioral health industry as a fundament function, and adding non-clinical services as an expanded scope of practice, the mission of Behavioral Health and Wellness is twofold:

  • To ensure that everyone in OMAO who experiences signs and symptoms of mental health and/or substance use issues has access to high-quality services in a supportive culture that encourages treatment (serving approximately 20% of the workforce in a given year)
  • To promote the wellness of the OMAO workforce as a whole by identifying opportunities to improve well-being (decreasing stress, increasing morale, etc.) and responding with best-fit interventions (serving 100% of the workforce all the time)

Each and every beneficiary is equipped with the necessary resources in a supportive environment where they can thrive to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be and live the best life they can possibly live.


Well-Being  •  Integrity  •  Service  •  Excellence

  • The ultimate ambition of Behavioral Health and Wellness is the optimal overall Well-Being of all beneficiaries.

  • All efforts undertaken by Behavioral Health and Wellness will be honest and authentically guided with Integrity.

  • The very existence of Behavioral Health and Wellness is to be in and of Service to its beneficiary population.

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness will constantly and continually strive for Excellence in all it does.

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