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Ship Job Applicants

Job applicants who receive a conditional offer of employment must complete a medical screening and obtain medical clearance to sail from the Marine Medicine Branch (MMB) before OMAO can make a formal job offer. To begin the medical screening process your respective marine health services center (either at Marine Operations Atlantic or Marine Operations Pacific will send you the CG-719K, Application for Medical Certificate (or you may download these forms from the links to the right). You are to complete the applicant portion of sections l, lll(a) and lV. You will receive an email from the MMB with an invitation to create a temporary encrypted email account that you can use to return the completed form to your local marine health services center by fax, secure email, or mail. (Contact information below). After reviewing the completed CG-719K, someone from the MMB will contact you to discuss your medical history and to schedule a physical exam. Bring the original completed CG-719K with you to the physical exam. 

Marine Operations – Pacific
Attn: Marine Health Services
Room 240, 2002 SE Marine Science Dr.
Newport, OR 97365
Fax: 541-867-8856
Front Desk: 541-867-8820

Marine Operations – Atlantic
Attn: Marine Health Services
439 W. York St.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Fax: 757-441-3760
Front Desk: 757-441-6320

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