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Ship Sanitation Inspections

Section 2 of OMAO Policy 1005-01, NOAA Ship Health Plan, Section 2 provides current guidelines for sanitation conditions aboard OMAO ships.  The Commanding Officer (CO) or Master is responsible for ensuring the ship complies with sanitation standards and documents compliance via weekly sanitation inspections.  Inspection of common spaces in documented on NOAA Form 57-10-21, Weekly Health and Sanitation Inspection.  Inspection of food service spaces are documented on NOAA Form 57-10-22, Weekly Food Service Area Sanitation Inspection.  Inspections shall be conducted by the USPHS Medical Officer, MPIC, or CO's designee.  These inspections are not required when the ship is declared uninhabitable for a period greater than one week.  The MMB will perform an annual inspection of the food service areas and document the inspection on NOAA Form 57-10-23, Annual Food Service Area Sanitation Inspection. Ships should retain sanitation inspection records for one year and provide those records to the MMB during the annual medical site visit.  

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