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Turberculosis Protection Program

OMAO Policy 1008, Tuberculosis Protection Program, defines the measures taken to prevent exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) while sailing aboard an OMAO ship. OMAO utilizes a rigorous TB screening standard due to the increased risk of disease transmission while being in close proximity to many people aboard a ship. All employees, scientists and contractors requiring medical clearance to sail aboard an OMAO must provide documentation of tuberculosis screening within the past year to the MMB.

In addition to verification of TB screening the MMB performs other tasks that facilitate ships, employees, and scientists to comply with OMAO's TB screening program. The expiration date of TB screening of employees is entered into the Medical Readiness Tracking Tool, which enables employees and supervisors to receive email notification approximately 60 days before the TB screening expires. Ship commands or medical officers can contact the Marine Medicine Branch (MMB) to schedule annual TB screening clinics for crew members aboard the ship and to obtain advice regarding off-site screening options for individuals. Medical Persons In Charge should contact the MMB to order TB screening supplies and to obtain refresher training prior to performing TB screening. Science labs and programs can contact the MMB to coordinate on site TB screening clinics and for assistance purchasing TB screening supplies at a negotiated government rate.

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