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NOAA Corps Medical Affairs

The NOAA Corps Medical Affairs Branch (MAB), embedded within the Commissioned Personnel Center (CPC), is the primary medical program in the Office of Health Services (OHS) that exclusively serves the needs of NOAA Commissioned Corps (NOAA Corps) active duty, retired, and dependent beneficiaries. Our primary commitment is to advocating for the health and well-being of all officers to ensure a successful career within the Corps. 

The MAB team supports the operational readiness of OMAO, by managing the individual medical readiness of all NOAA Corps officers to ensure a safe, healthy, and efficient force. One of the Branch’s pertinent functions, is to provide oversight and administration of the medical records program which includes managing and maintaining the individual health records of the NOAA Corps officers. Our office looks forward to continuing our commitment to provide excellent health services that protect and promote the health and readiness of the NOAA Corps.

For more information about NOAA Corps Medical Affairs, please check out these frequently asked questions or contact LCDR Sharon Downey, U.S. Public Health Service, MSA, BSN, RN or LT Helen MacGregor, U.S. Public Health Service, MSN, MPH, APRN-BC


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