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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a copy of my official medical record from Medical Affairs?

Currently, all official medical records are digital and stored on a secure hard drive. You can contact Medical Affairs at sends e-mail) to request a copy of your file. The copy will be sent either by secure email via Kiteworks or copied to a disc and sent by mail.

What medical records does Medical Affairs require if I go to see a doctor or go to an emergency room?

As prescribed in NOAA Corps Directives (NCD) Chapter 3, officers are responsible for providing complete information regarding matters of their health to Medical Affairs. Therefore, it is your responsibility to submit all medical records from all medical providers and other related medical visits. All medical records include, but are not limited to: operative notes, physician progress notes, nurses’ notes, lab test and x-ray results, diagnostic procedures, admission and/or discharge summaries, and emergency room records.

Why does Medical Affairs mandate submission of all medical records?

Medical Affairs is the custodian of your official medical file. Medical records for any medical treatment received during your active duty service with the NOAA Corps must be submitted for inclusion in your official medical file as described in NOAA Corps Directives (NCD) Chapter 3. Medical records serve as supporting documentation of any service-related injuries or illnesses. Additionally, this documentation is used to determine your medical eligibility for permanent appointment, promotion, and sea/dive/aviation duty.

I am a NOAA Corps Officer aviator, do I still have to complete readiness requirements for Medical Affairs?

Yes, you have to complete all the requirements for basic readiness in addition to requirements for your specialty, such as dive or aviation. You may use some of the components of your flight physical to meet the requirements for your basic readiness through Medical Affairs. Please email sends e-mail) if you are unsure if your specialty physical can be used to meet your basic readiness requirements.

Upon separation or retirement from the NOAA Corps, does my medical file get submitted to the Veterans Administration?

Your official medical file is not automatically submitted to the Veterans Administration (VA). When or if you submit a claim for benefits to the VA, the VA will need to send a written request for your official medical records via mail to:

NOAA Corps Commissioned Personnel Center
8403 Colesville Road Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Is dental due every 6 months when I get a cleaning, or every year?

While it is recommended that all officers receive a dental cleaning every 6 months this is not required for basic readiness in the Corps. NOAA Corps officers are only required to complete an annual dental evaluation from a licensed dentist, and submit a copy of the DD2813 yearly for medical review.

Do I need to contact Medical Affairs when I get sick or injured?

Yes, but please seek out medical care first from your primary care provider, emergency room, or urgent care. If you are on a ship, you will see the medical officer or medical personnel in charge. As a Corps officer you are required to be transparent with your physical health status, so Medical Affairs can determine if you are fit for duty. You can reach Medical Affairs, at

How should I send my medical documents to Medical Affairs, given the medical PII?

All medical documents must be submitted via the secure medical OPF, via secure email using Kiteworks, personally deliver to or mail to:

Commissioned Personnel Center
ATTN: Chief, Medical Affairs Branch
8403 Colesville Road, Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD, 20910

What are the medical standards for entry into the NOAA Corps?

Please be aware that the NOAA Commissioned Corps requires that all applicants meet the minimum standards for accession as laid out in the Coast Guard Medical Manual. Please note that the NOAA Commissioned Corps does not currently grant medical waivers for entry into the Corps at this time.

If I was disqualified for entry into another service for medical issues, will I be disqualified from the NOAA Corps?

It is likely that if you have recently been disqualified from another branch of service that you will not meet standards for entry into the NOAA Corps. However, there are some situations in which this is not the case. If you would like to talk through your particular circumstances, to determine your eligibility, please contact Medical Affairs, at sends e-mail), and we will assist you as best we can.

Does Medical Affairs have access to the DoD electronic medical records so that I don’t have to request paper copies after each appointment? 

NOAA’s medical personnel do not have access to DoD’s electronic medical records. DoD’s electronic medical records are only accessible to Medical Treatment Facility medical providers and the patient.

Do I need a written denial from a military dental facility to see a civilian dentist?

You do not need a written denial from a military dental treatment facility (DTF) in order to see a civilian dentist. All NOAA Corps officers are considered remote with dental services and this entitles you to utilize the TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program administered by United Concordia. This program provides authorization for Active Duty Service Members to obtain dental services from a civilian network dentist.


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