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Utility Navigation

Safety and Environmental Compliance

The Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO) Safety and Environmental Compliance Division's (SECD) is responsible for the overall safety, security, environmental compliance and sustainability of OMAO’s personnel, assets, and ocean from which we gather data. SECD’s responsibilities are primary met by dedicated and consistent implementation of several key activities: Inspection of NOAA’s fleet of large oceanographic research vessels, inspection of NOAA’s small boats, inspection of NOAA’s diving units, investigations of accidents and incidents, oversight of charter safety for aircraft and vessels, and inspection of Aviation Life Support Equipment.

SECD's fleet inspection teams are responsible for examining records, material, systems, operations and organizational processes affecting safety and material condition of NOAA ship operations, maintenance, repair, life saving, environmental safety, health, navigation, communication, fire fighting, damage control, hull machinery and electrical systems and equipment aboard ships and boats.

Overseen by SECD, the NOAA Small Boat Program provides support to ensure that NOAA offices that utilize small boats to meet their mission requirements have properly trained personnel, appropriate equipment and safety standards. The program provides standardized operator training and safety equipment, assistance with boat acquisition and alterations, and routine safety inspections.

OMAO, through SECD, provides regulatory oversight and is responsible for coordinating and monitoring charter vessel activities throughout NOAA. OMAO provides technical guidance and assistance to NOAA line offices to ensure charter vessels maintain appropriate levels of safety and reliability, and coordinates reporting procedures throughout NOAA regarding charter vessel use.

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