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Health Screening

Marine Operations Center (MOC) - Atlantic ships are serviced by MOC-A Health Services. MOC-Pacific and MOC-Pacific Islands ships are serviced by MOC-P Health Services.

Three medical forms are required for all scientists, volunteers, contractors, NOAA and non-NOAA personnel, and others who sail overnight on NOAA ships:

All persons embarked aboard a NOAA ship must complete tuberculosis screening within the 12 months preceding the project end date. Full policy details are available in the document OMAO 1008: Tuberculosis Protection Program.

All sailing personnel must receive the following immunizations: COVID-19 (vaccination and one booster required). Full policy details are available in the document OMAO 1006: Immunizations, Communicable Disease Protection and Chemoprophylaxis.

The NHSQ, TB screening form and COVID-19 vaccination record must be submitted to a ship's servicing MOC Health Services office 30 days in advance of the project start date. This allows time to medically clear the individual and to request more information if needed. The forms must be legible and complete. Unreadable or incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant. Late submissions may result in delayed medical clearance of sea duty past the project start date.

We ask that all personnel bring any prescription medication they may need and any over-the-counter medicine that is taken routinely (e.g. an aspirin per day, etc.). The ship maintains a stock of medications aboard, but supplies are limited and chances to restock are few. The medication stock is for emergency use only.

Direct all questions regarding the information required on medical forms to MOC-A Health Services Office (757-441-6320) or MOC-P Health Services Office (541-867-8820).

Medical forms may be sent to your servicing MOC Health Services office via fax:

MOC-A Health Services (757) 441-3760

MOC-P Health Services (541)-867-8856

Do not send as an unsecured email attachment.

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