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Marine Operations


Ferdinand R. Hassler Specifications (OMAO , pdf, 132.43 KB)

Design Specifications
Designer VT Halter Marine 
Builder Halter Marine, Inc., Pascagoula, MS 
Launched September 19, 2009 
Delivered May 23, 2011 
Commissioned June 8, 2012 
Length 122.87  ft.
Breadth 53.81 ft.
Draft 12.63 ft.
Depth to Main Deck 23 ft.
Hull Description SWATH
Displacement 744.40 metric tons
Speed & Endurance
Emergency Speed 12.5 knots
Cruising Speed 12 knots
Range 5700 nm
Endurance 14 days
Endurance Constraint Food
Maximum Complement
Commissioned Officers/Mates 4
Engineers, Licensed 3
Engineer, Unlicensed 0
Deck 3
Survey 1
Stewards 1
Electronic Technicians 1
Physical Scientist 1
Total Crew 14
Single Staterooms 2
Double Staterooms 6
Four-person Staterooms  
Total Berths 14
Food Service Seating Capacity
Mess Room 12
Ship's Navigational Equipment
Radars (X and S Band) Sperry Marine VisionMaster ft. 
GPS and DGPS FURUNO GP-150, DGPS and WASS enabled (2) 
Gyro Compass Navigat X MK 1 (2) 
Navigational Echosounders FURUNO FE-700 (1)  (50 Hz, 200 Hz) 
ECDIS Sperry Marine Vision Master (2) 
Autopilot Sperry Navipilot 4000 (1) 
Doppler Speed Log  Sperry Marine SRD-500 (1) 
AIS FA-150 
Laboratory Spaces and Other Scientific Spaces
Electronics / Computer Lab  Plot room Aft of bridge  429 4 processing computers, 2 acquisition computers, 82 ft2 counter space. 
Staging Bay  Garage  248 Dive locker, deep sink, limited counter space. 
Scientific Data Collection Systems and Supportable Operations
Conductivity, Temp., Depth (CTD) Without Water Samples
  • Brooke Ocean MVP-30 deployed by Moving Vessel Profiler winch off the stern. 
  • Sea Bird SeaCat SBE 19+ deployed by CTD winch and A-frame off the stern or by hand over the side. 
Dive Team Equipped Full working diver compliment 
Multibeam Equipped for Hydrographic Surveys
  • 200/ 400 kHz Reson 7125 on Port and Starboard hulls, 1024 individual depth measurements across a swath of >140° 
  • 100 kHz Reson 7111 on Starboard hull, 301 individual depth measurement across a swath of 150° 
Sound Speed Sensor Equipped for Hydrographic Surveys  Dual SVP-70 hull mounted on Port and Starboard hulls for surface sound speed measurements. 
Side Scan Sonar Equipped for Hydrographic Surveys Towed Klein 5500 V2, images features <1m in size and across a 200m swath at speeds up to 12 kts with K-1 depressor wing. 
Position and Attitude System Equipped for Hydrographic Surveys Dual Applanix POS MV 320 V5 to resolve ship’s position and attitude. 
Position System Equipped for Hydrographic Surveys Hemisphere MBX-4 DGPS receiver to resolve ship’s position. 
Thermosalinograph SeaBird SBE 45 Micro CTD (2) 
Data Collected by the Ship's Scientific Computer System (SCS) in the Standard Configuration
DescriptionUnitsData Source
VTG - Track made good and ground speed  True GPS/DGPS 
GLL - Geographic Position (Lat/Lon)  DMS GPS/DGPS 
ZDA - Time and Date (UTC. d. m, yr, TZ)  UTC GPS/DGPS 
GGA- Time, position, and fix related data  DMS / UTC GPS/DGPS 
HDT - Heading (True)  True Gyro I 
DBT- Depth below transducer  ft., m, ftm Navigational Echosounder 
DBS- Depth below surface  ft., m, ftm  Navigational Echosounder 
DPT - Depth of Water with transducer offset  ft., m, ftm  Navigational Echosounder 
XWS- Wind speed and direction, Starboard  KTS, True  Anemometer 
XWP- Wind speed and direction, Port KTS, True  Anemometer 
XDR- Temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure  Deg.C,%, mb  Young
TSG- Temperature, conductivity, salinity, sound speed  Deg.C, s/m, g/kg, m/s  Thermosalinograph 
MTW - Mean Temp. for Water  Deg.C  Thermosalinograph 
TypeHPLengthMax. PersonsComments
Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)  90 17'  6  
Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)         

Deck Equipment

Winch – CTD
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Interocean
Model 10031- 12.5ELW-M
Drive Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
Max. Pull 2072 lbs.
Max. Depth 1700 m
Drum Capacity 2,000m of 8.2 mm conductor cable
Type of Cable Installed .330" conductor cable
Length of Cable on the drum 2000 m
Location 01 Deck
Winch – Side Scan Sonar
DRIVE Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
MAX. PULL 2000 lbs.
MAX. DEPTH 50m at 6 knots 
DRUM CAPACITY 400 m of 0.40" cable
TYPE OF CABLE INSTALLED .409" conductor cable

Winch - General Purpose
MODEL 20197 DEPH-7 
DRIVE Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
MAX. PULL 5060 lbs.
MAX. DEPTH 800 m
DRUM CAPACITY 1000 m of 7/16" wire rope 

Winch - Moving Vessel Profiler 
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Rolls-Royce – Brooke Ocean 
Model MVP 200 
Drive Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
Max. Pull 485 lbs. at full drum 
Max. Depth 350 at 5 KTS 
Drum Capacity 660 m 
Type of Cable Installed Jacketed ElectroMechanical, 4 conductor cable 
Length of Drum Cable 600 m
Location 1 Deck fantail 
Knuckle Boom Crane
Quantity 1
Manufacturer DMW Marine Group, LLC 
Model DMW 877 M-4 
Boom Length 38.52  ft.
Lifting Capacity 8000 lbs.
Location 01 Deck, Port side
A Frame
Quantity 1
Type Moveable
Clearance over the side 20’ 9” 
Horizontal Clearance 11’ 10” 
Safe Working Load 4,078 lbs.
Location 1 Deck, fantail 
Anchor - Bow
Quantity 2
Type Navy fluke 
Weight 2380  lbs.
Port Anchor Chain Length 105 fathoms
Starboard Anchor Chain Length 105 fathoms
Quantity 2
Manufacturer Coastal Marine Equipment, Inc. 
Model 1W12531-126-00 
Lifting Capacity 15,250 lbs. at 100% motor load
Brake Holding 82,800 lbs.
Boat Davit
QuantityManufacturerModelHoist Cap.LocationBoat Type
1 Global Davit    13 kN  01 Deck, Port side  FRB 
1 Vest Davit  H-6000  6,000 kg  01 Deck, Starboard side  AMBAR 

Medical Facilities

Emergency and first-aid equipment aboard, administered by designated vessel personnel. 

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