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Marine Operations


Reuben Lasker Specifications (OMAO , pdf, 135.16 KB)

Design Specifications
Designer NOAA/NAVY/ Halter Marine/ MRAD
Builder Marinette Marine, Corp., Marinette, Wisconsin
Launched June 16, 2012
Delivered November 8, 2013
Commissioned May 2, 2014
Length 208.7 ft.
Breadth 49.2 ft.
Draft 29.7 ft.
Depth to Main Deck 38.7 ft.
Hull Description Welded steel/ice strengthened
Displacement 2524 metric tons
Speed & Endurance
Emergency Speed 14 knots
Cruising Speed 12 knots
Range 12,000 nm
Endurance 40 days
Endurance Constraint Food & fuel
Maximum Complement
Commissioned Officers/Mates 5
Engineers, Licensed 5
Engineer, Unlicensed 2
Deck 7
Survey 2
Stewards 2
Electronic Technicians 1
USPHS Medical Officer 0
Total Crew 24
Scientists 17
Single Staterooms 7
Double Staterooms 17
Four-person Staterooms  
Total Berths 41
Food Service Seating Capacity
Mess Room 25
Ship's Navigational Equipment
RADARS (X AND S BAND) Furuno/FAR2107/FAR2807/1 each/Ships Central Console (SCC)
GPS AND DGPS Simrad/ MX512 1 Master on SCC, 2 MX510 slaves SCC 
GYRO COMPASS Teledyne TSS/Model SG Brown Meridian Gyrocompass/2/ IMU room
ECDIS Transas Ltd./NAVI-Sailor4000 ECDIS/2/SCC and Chart table
ADDITIONAL NAVIGATIONAL SOFTWARE  Rosepoint Coastal Explorer 2011/1/SCC, Chart Table, CO room Nobeltec Admiral 11/1/Chart table

Scientist's Navigational Equipment
GPS and DGPS Simrad/ MX512/ 1 Master/Acoustic Lab
Gyro Compass Meridian Gyrocompass repeaters
Deepwater and Shallow Navigational Echosounders Simrad EK60 Scientific Echo Sounder 
ECDIS Navi-Sailor 4000 displays
Charting Program with Ship’s Position Rosepoint displays
Laboratory Spaces and Other Scientific Spaces
Climate Controlled Space Main Deck, adjacent to wet lab 57 For temperature control. Services available: Uncontaminated scientific seawater, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), potable water, compressed air, Scientific Computer System (SCS), fiber network, CAT6 network
Dry Lab Main Deck 300 For work free from saltwater intrusion. Services available: Uncontaminated scientific seawater, UPS power, potable water, compressed air, SCS, fiber network, CAT6 network
Electronics/Comp uter Lab Main Deck 445 AKA: Acoustic Lab. Services available: UPS Power, compressed air, SCS, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), fiber network, CAT6 network. Also houses the majority of the sonar equipment
Hydro Lab Main Deck, Starboard 85 For work in proximity of overboard operations. Services available: Uncontaminated scientific seawater, compressed air, SCS, fiber network, CAT6 network
Staging Bay Main Deck, Starboard 360 AKA: Side Sampling Station. For work directly overboard. Services: Uncontaminated scientific seawater, UPS power, seawater, potable water, compressed air, Scientific Computer System (SCS), fiber network, CAT6 network, overhead lifting monorail
Scientific Freezer Main Deck, adjacent to Wet lab   Flash freezer, -20 Degree Celsius
Scientific Refrigerator Wet lab 103 Lowest temperature possible: -18 Deg.C
Store Room Main Deck 30 Scientific Hazmat Locker. For storage of chemicals requiring temperature and environmental monitoring. Space it ventilated and CO2 protected.
Van/Shipping Container (provide in advance a draft van deck placement footprint with approximate weights) Main Deck and O1 Deck   For additional enclosed laboratory space. Services: Main Deck: space for ISO container 1CC Standard = 20 feet (6m) 01 Deck: Space for ISO container 1D = 10 feet (3m) Uncontaminated scientific seawater, UPS power, seawater, potable water, compressed air, Scientific Computer System (SCS), fiber network, CAT6 network
Wet Lab Main Deck 630 For work involving direct seawater intrusion Services available: Uncontaminated scientific seawater, UPS power, seawater, potable water, compressed air, SCS, CCTV, fiber network, CAT6 network, overhead lifting
Bio Lab  Main Deck 287 AKA: Chemical Lab. Uncontaminated scientific seawater, UPS power, potable water, compressed air, SCS, CCTV, fiber network, CAT6 network, ventilated chem work hood
Scientific Ready Room Main Deck 134 Space for scientists to prepare for external operations. Contains bench, sink, ice machine, boot rack and hard hat rack
Scientific Freezer Hydro lab   Ultracold, -80 Deg.C
Scientific Data Collection Systems and Supportable Operations
Acoustic Current Doppler Profilier (ADCP) Teledyne Ocean Surveyor/Observer 75 kHz
Conductivity, Temp., Depth (CTD) With Water Samples Seabird Electronics Model SBE9plus CTD/SBE 11plus V2 Deck Unit/SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler with 24 bottles/Fluorometer/ Transmissionometer/Teledyne Benthos 12kHz Pinger/Teledyne Benthos Sonar Altimeter/ Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor 
Conductivity, Temp., Depth (CTD) Without Water Samples Self-Contained portable CTD- Seabird SBE 19plus v2 SEACAT Profiler/SBE36 Power Data Interface Module
Dive Team Equipped Bauer Verticon Compressor, Containment Fill Station and 6000 PSI filling banks
Expendable BathyThermographs (XBT) Capable  Lockheed Martin MK21 USB DAQ Surface Ship Bathythermograph Data Acquisition System
Mooring Deployment/Recovery Capable Aft Crane has 10,000 lbs. Safe Working Load
Multibeam Equipped for Biological Surveys
  • Kongsburg Simrad MS70 Scientific Multibeam Sonar
  • Kongsburg Simrad ME70 Scientific Multibeam Eco Sounder
Scientific Computer System Equipped SCS Version 4.7
Thermosalinograph Seabird SBE 21 Thermosalinograph and Seabird SBE 45 Thermosalinograph 
Trawl Fishing Capable PTS Pentagon Trawl System
Trawl Sensor Equipped
  • Kongsburg Simrad FS70 Trawl Sonar System
  • Kongsburg Simrad ITI Trawl Instrumentation System, Acoustic Net Mensuration System
Unmanned Aerial Systems (AUS) Support Future capability 
  K-Sync trigger for scientific echosounders 
Acoustic Release Transducer EdgeTech 8012A Acoustic Release Transducer
CUFES Egg Sampling System Continuous Underway Fish Egg Sampling System (CUFES 100) – Concentrator and Sample collector
Kudsen Ecosounder Passive sonar – future capability
Long Range Omnidirectional Sonar Kongsburg Simrad Fish Finding Sonar SX93
Meteorological System  Belfort Aerovane and R.M. Young system 
POS/MV Applanix model POS/MV320 V4
Sea Surface Temperature System Airmar Temperature Sensor model B17-2-TEMP
Self-Noise Hydrophone (SNH) Ultra Electronics SNH Model 5050
Data Collected by the Ship's Scientific Computer System (SCS) in the Standard Configuration
DescriptionUnitsData Source
DPT - Depth of Water with transducer offset m EK60, ME70, Doppler
GLL - Geographic Position (Lat/Lon) Deg. MX512, POSMV
HDT - Heading (True) Deg. Gyro, POSMV
HFB - Trawl Headrope to Footrope and Bottom m ITI Trawl Eye Sensor
ITS - Trawl Door Spread m ITI Door Spread Sensors
MTW - Mean Temp. for Water Deg.C Airmar Thru-Hull, SBE38., FS70, ITI
RPM - Engine Shaft Revolutions RPM Shaft
TPT - Trawl Position True Deg ITI
VBW - Dual Ground/Water Speed KTS  ADCP, Doppler, Consilium
VHW - Water speed and heading KTS/Deg Doppler
VTG - Track made good and ground speed KTS MX512, POSMV
VWR - Relative wind speed and angle KTS RMYoung
ZDA - Time and Date (UTC. d. m, yr, TZ)    
VLW - Distance traveled through water NM Consilium Speed Log
GGA – GPS Time, Geographic Position (Lat/Long) Sat. quality, Altitude, # Sats GMT, Deg.,m MX512 GPS, POSMV
DBS- Depth Below Surface m, ft. ftm EK60, ME70, FS70
CTD – Temp. Depth, Salinity, Conductivity, Time, Oxygen, pH, PAR, Fluoro, Descent Rate   SBE9+ and SBE19+ CTDs
XBT – Expendable Bathythermograph   Depth, Sound Velocity
Fluro – Fluorometer Scan, Date, Time Fluorescence   Turner Fluorometer
TSG – Theromsalinograph- SBE38 Temp. Salinity, Conductivity, Internal Temp. Sound Velocity Deg.C, PSU, s/m, m/s SBE 45 & SBE21 
BARO – Barometric Pressure hPa Vaisala Barocap PTB330 Barometer
MWV – Relative Wind Direction, Relative Wind Speed Deg., KTS. RM Young 05106 Marine Wind Monitor
MTA- Air Temp. Relative Humidity Deg.C,% RM Young
TRUE- True Wind Speed, True Wind Direction  KTS, Deg. RM Young 05106 Marine Wind Monitor–Derived in SCS
Centerboard position   Ships Centerboard
Shaft RPM RPM Shaft
RCWWT – Hydro Winch Tension Tons Hydro Winches
RCWWS – Hydro Winch Line Speed & RPM m/s,RPM Hydro Winches
RCWWL- Hydro Winch Line out M Hydro Winches
TAWWT – Starboard & Port Trawl Winch Tension  Tons Trawl Winches
TAWWS – Starboard & Port Trawl Winch line speed and RPM m/s, RPM Trawl Winches
TAWWL- Starboard and Port line out m Trawl Winches
TypeHPLengthMax. PersonsComments
Rescue Boat (SOLAS Approved) 32 15.5 ft.  6 FAST RSQ model 475 A SRL
Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) 270 26.4 ft. 18 Zodiac Hurricane Model H753OB. Gasoline powered, intended for scientific specimen collection. 135 HP per engine.
Additional Capabilities
Dynamic Positioning Capable L3/NMS6000 DPS-2 with Independent Back-up Joystick/Bridge SCC and 3 additional workstations
Compressed Air   
Ability to support additional services   
Gilson Winch On 01 Deck, RAPP HYDEMA model GW-4500E with 250m of 24mm spectra rope. Deigned to assist bringing in heavy objects on deck (net, etc…). Safe Working Load (SWL) 19.5 metric tons at 34m/min
Outhaul Winch On stern gantry, RAPP HYDEMA Model M12 with 110M of 13mm spectra rope. Designed to move heavy objects (net, etc…) off deck. SWL 5.45 metric tons @ 46m/min
Net Reel On Main Deck, single drum, RAPP HYDEMA model NDD- 400B. Storage capacity 9M3. SWL 19.9 metric tons @ 58m/min

Deck Equipment

Winch – CTD (A-Frame)
Quantity 2
Manufacturer RAPP HYDEMA
Model HW-500
Drive Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
Max. Pull 7700 lbs. @ 23m/min
Max. Depth 3500 m
Drum Capacity 4,000m of 0.375" cable
Type of Cable Installed 0.375" (9.5mm) electromechanic al cable
Length of Cable on the drum 4000 Aft
2000 Forward 
Location O1 Deck, Starboard, Amidships
Winch – Traction (Oceanographic)
Quantity 1
Manufacturer RAPP HYDEMA
Model TWR-4000EB
Drive Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
Max. Pull 30,000 lbs. @ 32m/min
Max. Depth 3500 m
Drum Capacity 4000 m of 0.681" electromagnetic cable
Type of Cable Installed 0.681" (17.3mm) electromechanical cable
Length of Drum Cable 4000 m
Location 2 Deck, Oceanographic Winch Room, Amidships, centerline
Winch – Trawl
DRIVE Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
MAX. PULL 50,000 lbs. @ 23m/min
MAX. DEPTH 2500 m
LOCATION 2 Deck, Trawl Winch Room, Aft, centerline

Winch – Net Sonde (3rd Wire)
Quantity  1
Manufacturer  RAPP HYDEMA
Model  SOW 500E
Drive  Electronically Controlled DC motor and brake
Max. Pull  8100 @ 23m/min
Max. Depth  3500m
DRUM CAPACITY  4000m of 0.450" (11.4mm) electromechanical wire
Type of Cable Installed  0.450" (11.4mm) electromechanical wire
Length of Drum Cable 4000 m
Location  02 external Deck, port side
Crane, Telescopic Boom (Aft Deck)
MANUFACTURER Appleton Marine
LIFTING CAPACITY 10000 lbs. @ 30 ft., 1000 lbs. @ 65 ft.
LOCATION 01 Deck, Starboard, Amidships

Crane, Telescopic Boom (Forward stores)
Manufacturer Appleton Marine
Model SB10-23
Boom Length 23 ft.
Lifting Capacity 1000 lbs.
Location 02 Deck, Starboard, Forward
A Frame 
TYPE Moveable
CLEARANCE OVER THE SIDE 8.5 ft. outboard
LOCATION 01 Deck, Starboard, Amidships

Stern Gantry
Quantity 1
Type Moveable
Clearance over the side 9.5 ft. astern
Horizontal Clearance 23 ft. astern
Safe Working Load 8000 lbs.
Location Main Deck, Aft, Amidships
Anchor - Bow
Quantity 2
Type Stockless
Weight 4630 lbs.
Port Anchor Chain Length 120 fathoms
Starboard Anchor Chain Length 180 fathoms
Boat Davit
QuantityManufacturerModelHoist Cap.LocationBoat Type
1 Schat Harding  SA 3.5 with W50 RS winch 10,000 lbs. 01 Deck, Starboard, Amidships FAST RSQ
1 Schat Harding  MRT 3900 with BHY5300 Miranda wicnch 8375 lbs. 01 Deck, port, Amidships RHIB – Work Boat 

Medical Facilities

One medical treatment room containing two berths for patients. Emergency and first-aid equipment aboard, administered by designated vessel personnel.

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