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NOAA Corps

BOTC 100

NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class 100

Members of NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC) 100 at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. BOTC 100 class members include ENS Chad Cary, ENS Chadwick Brown, ENS Daniel Simon, ENS Nicole Colasacco, ENS Nickie Lambert, ENS Jeffery Kelley, ENS Jennifer Pralgo, Ensign Sean Cimilluca, ENS Seung Suk, ENS Shannon Ristau, ENS Michael Snow, and ENS Micah Miller.

May 12, 2001

Ensign Chad Cary

ENS Chad Cary graduated from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill with a BS Degree in Environmental Science. Upon visiting a career fair in Atlanta, GA during his final semester of school, ENS Cary discovered the NOAA Corps. With a high affinity for adventure, outdoors, and science, he quickly learned the Corps was a perfect fit. Throughout his tenure within this organization Ensign Cary has high aspirations of mastering ship handling skills, contributing to necessary cutting-edge science both on land and sea, and enjoying a career path full of opportunities.

Ensign Nicole Colasacco

ENS Nicole Colasacco is from Ironwood in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geoenvironmental Engineering in 1997. After graduated, she worked as a research assistant in nutrient chemistry at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In her free time, ENS Colasacco enjoys hiking, kayaking, and basically enjoying the outdoors. She looks forward to her first ship assignment.

Ensign Nickie Lambert

ENS Nickie Lambert reported to BOTC 100 from Traverse City, Michigan where she was teaching math and science during the school year and patrolling bays and lakes for the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department during the summer. She has degrees from Great Lakes Maritime Academy (Deck), Mount Holyoke College (Physics), and Dartmouth College (Drama). As a Coast Guard Reservist, she augmented the USCGC Biscayne Bay and the USCGC Acacia, without encountering a drop of saltwater. Ensign Lambert found out about the NOAA Corps while exploring the website of the Center for Coastal Studies, and looks forward to the adventure and science of a NOAA Corps career... if she can't play ice hockey for a living.

Ensign Seung Suk

ENS Seung Suk has a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of New Hampshire and was an officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers before reporting to the 100th BOTC. He enjoys weightlifting, swimming, snowboarding, tae kwan do, mountain biking, SCUBA diving, surfing and anything else involving water. Ensign Suk found out about the NOAA Corps when he met an officer at the University of New Hampshire and is now looking forward to getting paid to do something he enjoys.

Ensign Chadwick Brown

ENS Chadwick Brown grew up in Portland, Maine before attending Loyola College in Maryland. He obtained his B.S. in Biology in 1996 and moved to Santa Rosa, CA. For the past five years he has worked as a summer school instructor, for mortgage companies in sales and underwriting, and as an analytic chemist. Introduced to the NOAA organization by a former client, ENS Brown felt that the NOAA Corp would provide a unique opportunity to blend his experience in business and science. In his spare time, ENS Brown enjoys playing guitar, fishing, mountain biking, and snorkeling.

Ensign Jeffery Kelley

ENS Jeffrey Kelley grew up in Oklahoma, but came to BOTC from Houston, Texas. He has an Associates degree in Electronics and both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Geology. His work life has included conducting environmental assessments and remediation, assisting with research at Space Imaging/EOSAT, and teaching technical computer and electronic courses. He has also installed and maintained Radio Frequency systems for industry and in the Air Force. When he's not working, ENS Kelley enjoys simple pleasures with his family like gardening, going to the park, or swimming. He discovered the NOAA Corps while doing research on the internet, and is looking forward to a career of science and service at the leading edge of environmental research.

Ensign Shannon Ristau

ENS Shannon Ristau grew up in Oregon, and found out about the NOAA Corps while working for the National Ocean Service. She has a Bachelor's degree in Geology from Smith College and spent a semester on the Williams Mystic Maritime Studies Program. She plays a mean game of ultimate frisbee and enjoys improv comedy. ENS Ristau is looking forward to travelling the high seas and to the variety of work the NOAA Corps offers.

Ensign Daniel Simon

ENS Daniel Simon is from Reading, Pennsylvania. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Ursinus College in 1997. From then until his commission, he was employed in a veterinary gastroenterology lab at the University of Pennsylvania researching intestinal motility disorders in cats and dogs. While there, he obtained a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Studies in August 2000. His graduate work included research in Puerto Rico and the Arctic. It was during the Arctic trip that ENS Simon learned of the NOAA Corps, from a member of the research party, and pursued it further upon returning home. ENS Simon also enjoys backpacking and traveling. He looks forward to his future adventures with the NOAA Corps.

Ensign Jennifer Pralgo

ENS Jennifer Pralgo grew up in Eastern Long Island and graduated from SUNY Maritime College with a degree in Meteorology, Oceanography and Environmental Science. She has been living in Florida and working as a Mate on yachts and research vessels for the past two years. ENS Pralgo found out about the NOAA Corps when she met the crew of NOAA Ship Rude in Port Jefferson, New York. She is looking forward to meeting new people while in the NOAA Corps and to getting in some quality rollerblading while ashore.

ENS Sean Cimilluca

ENS Sean Cimilluca is from Delray Beach, Florida. He has earned degrees in Marine Biology and Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University. Sean enjoys outdoor activities, especially scuba diving. A recent hobby of his has been collecting data with the Palm Beach County Reef Research Team. Prior field research studies include marine symbiotic relationships, life history strategies, habitat associations and ecological relationships of fishes in Florida and sea turtle hatchling behavior and hatchery management. Highlights were participation in tropical ecology field studies in Guyana, South America and fish and aquaculture research at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. His work experiences include marine natural products chemistry, contributing to the development of drugs from the sea; managing an environmental consulting office; directing biology labs at the university and several years' field management of Everglades restoration projects. While looking for a career with NOAA, he learned about the Corps on the website. Sean considers the people involved, from the pros to the recruits, both highly qualified and interesting, which is just one of the attractions of this dynamic career.

Ensign Michael Snow

ENS Michael Snow, known as Steve to his friends, is from Bellingham, Washington. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Western Washington University and spent four years on active-duty with the Military Police. NOAA's Basic Officer Training Class has a different emphasis than the Army Officer Candidate School he's completed - but his experience as an Army Engineer is helping him with his studies. While working for the Port of Bellingham, he saw the web page for the NOAA Corps and applied. ENS Snow enjoys jogging, weightlifting, and downhill skiing and is looking forward to sea-duty with the NOAA Corps.

ENS Micah Miller

ENS Miler was born and raised in the great state of Washington. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences.

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