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NOAA Corps

BOTC 101

NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class 101

Members of NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC) 101 at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. BOTC 101 class members include ENS Demian Bailey, ENS Joshua Bauman, ENS John Crofts, ENS Sarah Dunsford, ENS Keith Golden, ENS Jennifer Johnson, ENS Stephanie Koes, ENS Douglas MacIntyre, ENS Shawn Maddock, ENS Debra McKee, ENS Sarah Mrozek, ENS Louis Novak, ENS Jeffrey Smigelski, ENS Jeffrey Taylor, ENS William Whitmore, and ENS Charles Yoos.

November 8, 2001

Lieutenant Demian Bailey

LT Demian Bailey comes to the NOAA Corps from the U.S. Navy where he served as a METOC (METeorology/OCeanography) officer. After graduating from the U.S. Naval academy with a B. S. degree in oceanography, Demian Bailey began his career in Guam providing ship routing and typhoon and weather warnings to U.S. Naval assets operating in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. Two years on a small island were not enough so he took orders to the island of Crete, Greece, halfway around the world as the Officer in Charge of an aviation weather detachment which at that time supported NATO operations in Bosnia and the central Mediterranean Sea. LT Bailey has also worked for the Naval Research Laboratory as the Naval Liaison to the Space Test Program, a U.S. Air Force organization that provides space flight to research and development experiments. LT Bailey is a qualified Navy diver and hopes to pursue diving within NOAA in a research capacity.

Ensign Josh Bauman

ENS Josh Bauman is from Centerville, GA and he received a B.S. degree in biology from the University of Georgia in 2001. He discovered NOAA Corps at a career fair and became interested in the training and experience it offers. He hopes to one day use the skills he’s obtained to study and research sharks. His other interests include watching movies, listening to music, and exercising. Ensign Bauman hopes to be assigned to NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan for his first sea tour and looks forward to a long, rewarding career in the NOAA Corps.

Ensign John Crofts

ENS John Crofts is a native of Naples, Florida. He graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, with a degree in biology. He has also studied environmental science in Belize and Guatemala. Prior to joining the NOAA Corps, ENS Crofts worked as a charter fishing captain in Homer, Alaska, a college biology lab manager and a fisheries biologist at the Florida Marine Research Institute in St. Petersburg. ENS Crofts learned of the NOAA Corps during a larval fish research cruise. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying fishing, hunting, scuba diving and many other outdoor activities.

Ensign Sarah Dunsford

ENS Sarah Dunsford attended Florida Institute of Technology. She graduated as a double major in ecology and marine biology in May 2000. From Florida she moved back home to Maine and spent a year working in the seafood industry. She joined NOAA for the adventure and lack of desire to sit behind a desk for the rest of her career. Her personal interests range from crafting to jumping out of airplanes.

Ensign Keith Golden

ENS Keith Golden is originally from Xenia Ohio. He graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Marine Biology. Before college he spent four years in the Air Force. During college he continued his service with the Ohio Air Guard. ENS Golden became interested in a sea going career after an aquarium internship in Florida. This experience, and his love for the ocean, made NOAA a great career opportunity. He enjoys all outdoor and water sports and looks forward to an exciting career with the NOAA Corps.

Ensign Jennifer Johnson

ENS Jennifer Johnson is from Austin, Texas. She graduated Texas A&M University at Galveston in August 2001. Her major was in marine sciences. She was also associated with the Corps of Cadets and graduated with her Third Mate License in the Merchant Marine. Doing oceanographic research has been a long sought after dream of hers since she was 9 years old, and being a part of the NOAA Corps will help her to accomplish it. She looks forward to a rewarding career as a NOAA Corps officer with aspirations to ‘See the world!’

Ensign Stephanie Koes

ENS Koes, originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, received her Chemical Engineering degree from Arizona State University. Following graduation, she worked as an engineer in the environmental field for 8 years at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. While in Arizona, ENS Koes realized that her dream was to get back to the ocean and/or marine wildlife environment and she looks forward to a new and exciting career with the NOAA Corps. ENS Koes enjoys all outdoor activities ranging from hiking to mountain biking.

Ensign Douglas MacIntyre

ENS Douglas MacIntyre grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and spent his summers in La Jolla, California where he developed his love and respect for the oceans. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Villanova University in Philadelphia and also studied at Shouls Marine Laboratory in Maine. The son of a Naval flight surgeon, he aspires to become a NOAA aviator but also enjoys scuba diving, fishing, reading and traveling.

Ensign Shawn Maddock

ENS Shawn Maddock is originally from Arlington, Texas. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with two degrees. His first one is in marine sciences from the Galveston campus (Texas Maritime Academy). The other is in meteorology from the main campus in College Station. Before college, he spent over six years in the U.S. Coast Guard. While there, he spent three years sailing around the world aboard a Polar Class icebreaker conducting oceanographic research. It was on that vessel that he developed his interest in oceanography. His interests are in sailing, traveling, music and playing volleyball.

Ensign Debra McKee

ENS Debra McKee is from Atlanta, Georgia, where she graduated from Georgia State University, obtaining a B.S. degree in physics, with a concentration in astronomy. She is thrilled to be a part of the NOAA Corps, which will allow her to serve her country in a unique and exciting way. Her hobbies include hiking, traveling and music, especially the violin.

Ensign Sarah Mrozek

ENS Mrozek graduated from the University of South Carolina in May of 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in math and marine science. Her interest in NOAA Corps sprung from visiting NOAA Ship Ferrel during college. Activities she enjoys include scuba diving, outdoor activities, camping, reading and many sports.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Louis Novack

LTJG Louis Novak arrived at BOTC-101 after working 8 years for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a Masters degree in coastal zone management. He is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy as a dual license officer and has spent time in both the Merchant Marine and in the U.S. Navy. Following graduation from Kings Point, LTJG Novak entered the Naval flight program. LTJG Novak has left the cubicle in exchange for a more engaged life on the water. His free time activities include competitive paddling, rowing, marksmanship and sailing aboard Mercy Ships.

Ensign Jeffrey Smigelski

Growing up in Michigan, ENS Smigelski has always been involved in some way with the Great Lakes whether through boating, performing scientific research on a topic relevant to the Great Lakes, or volunteering to serve with the U.S. Coast Guard in marine safety and environmental protection. ENS Smigelski graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a strong concentration in mathematics in 1995, followed by a Master of Science in biology in 1998 also at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Since 1997, ENS Smigelski has been a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, which provided him the opportunity to work at the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Detroit on various missions involving marine environmental protection and waterway management. It was at the Marine Safety Office that Ensign Smigelski found out about the NOAA Corps. In addition to volunteering with the Coast Guard, ENS Smigelski was a substitute high school teacher, teaching mainly math and science.

ENS Smigelski has also worked as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Environmental Health Sciences at Wayne State University performing biomedical research relating to environmental toxins. Outside work, ENS Smigelski enjoys drawing and art, and activities such as camping, rock climbing, running, and scuba diving. After researching NOAA and the NOAA Corps in depth, ENS Smigelski soon found that the scientific research and missions that NOAA conducts fit perfectly with his educational, career, and life objectives.

Ensign Jeffrey Taylor

ENS Jeffrey Taylor is from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in marine science with a focus in oceanography. He became associated with NOAA by volunteering as a scientist on three different NOAA research vessels while in college and working with NOAA scientists on research projects. Upon graduation in May 2001, he soon joined the NOAA Commissioned Corps. His interests include traveling, becoming a NOAA working diver, and pursuing NOAA aviation training. His hobbies include mountain biking, scuba diving, snow skiing (whenever possible) and softball.

Ensign William Whitmore

ENS William Whitmore is from North East, Pennsylvania. He has a B.S. in Forest Science and a minor in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from Penn State University. His interest in NOAA stems from his love of boating and fishing in Lake Erie. His hobbies include reading, writing, most outdoor sports, and traveling. ENS Whitmore is ready to ride the waves and go far in the NOAA Corps.

Ensign Charles Yoos

ENS Charles Yoos hails from Monument, Colorado. He received a B.A. degree in physics with a minor in chemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Looking to do something completely different, ENS Yoos left beautiful, beloved, but land-locked Colorado for an adventure in the NOAA Corps. He looks forward to a career that will sate both his inquisitive mind and his wanderlust.

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