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NOAA Corps

BOTC 112

BOTC 112 class members in their service dress blues

Members of NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class 112 at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. Front row (left to right): ENS Rossi, ENS Reed, ENS Sargent, ENS Hopper, ENS Felkley, ENS Raymond, ENS Fitzgerald, ENS Rose, and ENS Bloss. Back row: LT Beaucage, ENS Owen, ENS Ryan, ENS Petersen, ENS Wartick, ENS Nardi, ENS Adams, ENS Schweitzer, ENS Brown, and ENS Forney.

June 9, 2008

Ensign Kevin W. Adams

ENS Adams grew up on the east and west coasts, spending most of his life in Seattle, WA. Frequently visiting family in Pensacola, Florida, throughout his boyhood, he recalls observing fishermen wrestle extraordinary creatures out of the gulf from the Pensacola Beach Pier. Taking this memory with him to the University of Washington he decided to pursue a degree in Fisheries Science. After serving a short mission in Nicaragua, he added on a Spanish minor, and was able to study abroad in Cadiz, Spain. While working towards his degree, ENS Adams began an internship with NOAA Fisheries Enforcement in Seattle, WA leading into a full time position upon graduation. With a family history of military service and a great appreciation for the world's oceans and marine life, the NOAA Corps' scientific service combination was an ideal fit for his passions. ENS Adams is thrilled to be a part of the NOAA Corps mission.

Lieutenant Donald E. Beaucage

A native of Rhode Island, LT Beaucage joined the U.S. Navy in 1997 as a Midshipmen in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of San Diego (USD). He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies/Marine Science from USD in May 2002. During his time at USD, LT Beaucage was on the Cross Country team and had internships with SCRIPPS Aquarium, the City of San Diego Marine Biology Lab’s Ocean Operations Division, and spent five months as a research diver for the Turks & Caicos Islands Department of Environment and Coastal Resources. LT Beaucage served with the Navy in San Diego, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Rota, Spain in an assortment of ship and shore billets including assignments as Combat Information Center Officer, Ship’s Navigator, Administration Officer, Training Officer, and Protocol Officer before accepting an inter-service transfer to the NOAA Corps in February, 2008. LT Beaucage is qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer and his previous awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (2 awards), Navy Achievement Medal, and various unit and campaign awards. LT Beaucage is under orders to report to NOAA Ship Ka’imimoana out of Pearl Harbor, HI as the Field Operations Officer following completion of BOTC 112. LT Beaucage’s interests include surfing, running, diving, fishing, and following the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. He is married to the former Sarah Jane Fairchild of Hog Island, Rhode Island. They currently reside in Kailua, HI with their dog, Diego.

Ensign Benjamin S. Bloss

ENS Bloss grew up in Ohio and attended The University of Akron for a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in geology. While at college he worked for a sensor manufacturer, and later at a power plant as a co-op engineer. His interest in the oceans started with a fascination with submarines and naval history at a young age. He built his first sailboat during the evenings after his first co-op job. In addition to sailing he enjoys canoeing, kayaking and camping. He volunteers with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, holds an Amateur Extra class radio license and also is an Eagle Scout. In 2007 he spent the summer at the University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography investigating eddies in oceanic island wakes, research which included spinning water and shooting it with a laser. ENS Bloss joined the NOAA Corps because of the unique opportunity to mix science and service at land and at sea.

Ensign Oliver E. Brown

Ensign Brown was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and grew up in the Puget Sound area. He graduated from Washington State University, Washington, with a Bachelors of Science in Geology with a year of study from Wellington University, New Zealand. He was commission in the Air Force for 5 years, serving at Ellsworth Air Force Base, Diego Garcia Air Base, and Malmstrom Air Force Base. ENS Brown is an avid rower, coaching junior rowers and participating in open-water regattas when ever possible. He also enjoys exercising his private pilot’s license, hiking, kayaking, diving, sailing, and looks forward to new adventures wherever he finds them. ENS Brown is excited to serve on his first NOAA Corps ship and is sure to make a significant contribution to the important environmental research NOAA conducts.

Ensign Charlene R. Felkley

ENS Felkley grew up in a small village in central Ohio where she obtained an interest in nature and natural diversity. ENS Felkley was a competitive swimmer throughout her primary and secondary education and has taught and coached swimming throughout her careers. She attended college at The Ohio State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management. Following graduation she joined the Peace Corps and became a volunteer in West Africa. ENS Felkley taught environmentally safe agricultural practices, AIDS awareness, and the cultivation of mushrooms in Togo, for two years. Upon returning to the United States, ENS Felkley chose a teaching position in Virginia. While there she taught math, French, and swimming to young men at Elk Hill, a residential facility for troubled youth. ENS Felkley enjoys traveling, swimming, reading, and is greatly looking forward to her next adventure being offered through the NOAA Corps.

Ensign Anna M. Fitzgerald

ENS Fitzgerald joined BOTC 112 from Burlington, New Jersey, after serving eight years in the United States Air Force as a C-130 loadmaster, assistant training manager, and pharmacy technician. She attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University earning a baccalaureate degree in aviation. Subsequently, she attended Central Michigan University earning a master’s degree in education. She discovered the NOAA Corps while seeking career opportunities in science and research through the Internet. A month later, eager to learn more about the corps, she attended a NOAA open house in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, where she met a NOAA Corps officer for the first time. She was impressed by the multi-faceted service provided by this agency. ENS Fitzgerald proudly continues her commitment to serve her country while broadening her knowledge about the seas. She looks forward to begin an exciting journey in the corps and experience life aboard.

Ensign Matthew M. Forney

ENS Forney was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Due to ENS Forney’s aspirations to be the best scientist he could be, he decided to attend the University of Cincinnati and pursue a bachelor’s of Science in Geology. After graduation, ENS Forney began work in the private sector at an Environmental and Engineering Consultation firm as a project manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. During this time, ENS Forney found that his appetite for adventure and exploration needed to be fed, so he relocated to Fresno, California continuing his career as a consultant. During ENS Forney’s tenure as a Geologic and Environmental project manager, he successfully investigated, analyzed and completed a variety of different challenging projects. The projects ENS Forney conducted included naturally occurring asbestos investigations, winery and municipality wastewater discharge compliance, and soil vapor extraction of hydrocarbon-impacted facilities. Additionally, ENS Forney conducted investigations and remedial activities at properties with soil and groundwater impacted by chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, nitrates, and hydrocarbons. ENS Forney decided to leave this “lap of luxury” to continue to feed the appetite for exploration. ENS Forney looks forward to growing professionally and helping his country with his sense of adventure.

Ensign Adriennel L. Hopper

ENS Hopper grew up in Portage, Michigan; a long way from the oceans. Family vacations to the coasts and many hours spent overlooking the oceans helped fuel her passion of the water and marine life. ENS Hopper graduated from Michigan State University with High Honors earning her Bachelors Degree in Zoology with a minor in Marine Biology. Winning the 2006 Women’s Water Polo National Championship was the highlight of her 4 years as a student athlete at MSU. A summer internship took her to Juno Beach, Florida. SCUBA certified, she tagged and monitored the local Hawksbill Sea Turtle population and protected the nesting habitat of Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Upon graduation, ENS Hopper worked as a research associate for a biomedical research lab conducting preclinical pharmaceutical testing while waiting for the beginning of BOTC112. Enjoying travel, she eagerly anticipates her sea duty assignments. ENS Hopper is honored to have been selected by NOAA and looks forward to the challenges of serving her country and promoting ocean research and protection

Ensign Matthew J. Nardi

ENS Nardi grew up on Long Island in the bayside community of Babylon. He went on to study Natural Resources Management at Cornell University. Following his undergraduate education, ENS Nardi spent four years in the Air Force as an Environmental and Electrical Systems Technician on the A-10 and C-130 airframes. While on active duty, he served in Germany, North Carolina, and Kuwait. ENS Nardi holds a private pilot license and enjoys flying, running triathlons, SCUBA diving, and backpacking.

Ensign Jonathan E. Owen

ENS Owen hails from the Land of Sky Blue Waters where he spent his formative years learning to love and respect the many lakes of Minnesota as a water safety instructor, competitive swimmer, lifeguard, and avid kayaker. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, he received his open water dive certification through Scuba Schools International and discovered his fascination with the sea. Upon completion of a one-year exchange program at the University of Bologna in Italy, he received a B.S in Architecture with a Minor in Engineering. Post graduation, he served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer working on environmental awareness projects and promoting sustainable tourism development in Albania’s coastal regions. Following his love of travel, he worked two austral summer contracts at both the South Pole and McMurdo Stations. The opportunity to work in support of science on the great polar icecap and to observe NOAA’s climate research provided a better understanding of why we must further study and protect our ocean and our polar environments. He looks forward to a career in the NOAA Corps and is keen on becoming a NOAA Diver. He also wishes to continue traveling, while exploring one of the worlds least understood resources: the Oceans. “Let’s see some teamsmanship… Ho!” ~Captain Steve Zissou~

Ensign John H. Petersen

ENS Petersen was raised in Seattle, WA. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA in 2007. He grew up boating on Lake Washington and in the Puget Sound during his younger years and while in college he sailed the south seas for two months on-board The T.S. Golden Bear with the California Maritime Academy. Past summers of ENS Petersen’s life have been spent biking the back roads of Western Europe, wild land fire fighting on the central coast of California, and rock climbing the Western US’s beautiful granite. He enjoys traveling, boating, and everything outside. ENS Petersen is very eager to begin the adventurous life that comes along with being a NOAA Corps Officer.

Ensign Patricia E. Raymond

ENS Raymond grew up in Livermore, CA. She attended Las Positas College then transferred to University of California, Davis and earned a Bachelor’s degree in wildlife, fish, and conservation biology. While in college ENS Raymond maintained five large aquariums on the Las Positas College campus. These aquariums were used as an example of the marine environment when she presented a lecture on theory and practice of aquarium care to a marine biology class and assisted with complementary lab exercises. She also worked as an Interpretive Student Aide at Sunol and Del Valle Parks in California. There she enjoyed discussing the environment with park visitors and giving educational tours. At Davis she volunteered at the California Raptor Center where she loved handling large birds of prey such as golden eagles and great horned owls. After graduation she obtained a position at the California Department of Fish and Game cataloging rare plant occurrences and provided database quality control. Then she moved to Maryland where she obtained a certificate in cartography and geographic information systems from Montgomery College. In January 2007 NOAA Marine Chart Division hired her as an intern to work on raster nautical charts applying data such as aids to navigation, hydrographic surveys, datum shifts, and shoreline. Working mostly on nautical charts from the Alaska region she gained an appreciation for the detail, artwork, effort, and guidelines that go in to producing one nautical chart. ENS Raymond is interested in every aspect of NOAA and is excited to be given the opportunity to be a NOAA Corps officer.

Ensign Adam R. Reed

ENS Reed was born and raised in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Engineering Physics and a minor in Japanese. While attending C.S.M., he was involved with several engineering projects dealing with remote sensor networks in ad-hoc configurations at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. After graduation a former student who had joined the NOAA Corps met with ENS Reed and enlightened him about the travel and science opportunities that NOAA offers. Being a Colorado native, he spent most of his time skiing and backpacking around the Rocky Mountains. He has journeyed as far south as Ushuaia, Argentina, and as far North as St. Petersberg, Russia. From the time he graduated college until the beginning of BOTC 112, Adam spent his time traveling throughout Eastern Europe. Now that BOTC 112 has begun, ENS Reed looks forward to reentering the scientific world and the exciting challenge of sea life.

Ensign Emily M. Rose

ENS Rose grew up in Laramie, Wyoming. She attended Santa Rosa Junior College where she played soccer and graduated with her Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She then transferred to The University of Hawai'i at Manoa, where she again played soccer and earned her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Upon graduating, she returned to Cheyenne, Wyoming to work part time at SMART Sports Training Facility and enjoy her family. In her spare time ENS Emily Rose enjoys any physical activity especially running, bicycling, playing hockey, soccer and tennis, reading, watching good movies and rocking out on Guitar Hero. She is excited to begin the adventure that NOAA will provide.

Ensign John F. Rossi

ENS Rossi grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from John Burroughs High School, where he played varsity football and baseball. He attended Miami University of Ohio for three years where he studied business and economics. After this, ENS Rossi altered his career path, attained a commercial driver's license and worked as an over-the-road, tractor trailer driver while applying to new schools. A little more than a year later, the Ensign enrolled in Parks College of Aviation and Engineering at Saint Louis University. He achieved a B.S. degree in Aviation Science/Professional Pilot while working as a full time bartender. After graduation, ENS Rossi, now a Certified Commercial Multi-Engine, Instrument Pilot, worked as a beer delivery driver in St. Louis. While aiming for a professional career with the NOAA Corps, the Ensign was accepted to and attended the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School for ten weeks in Quantico, VA. Upon graduation, he declined his commission in anticipation of a favorable decision from the NOAA Board. ENS Rossi was accepted two weeks later and now eagerly awaits the many exciting opportunities the NOAA Corps has to offer, especially in the areas of technologically advanced equipment related to ships and aircraft. He maintains a high interest in Meteorology, Climatology, Astronomy and Astrophysics and hopes some day to achieve a graduate degree in one of these fields of study.

Ensign Kyle W. Ryan

ENS Ryan graduated High Honors from the United States Coast Guard Academy with a degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. Upon graduation he reported to the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center and completed the Basic Diving Officer course prior to serving on the Coast Guard Cutter SASSAFRAS. This now de-commissioned ship was a Seagoing Buoy tender based out of Guam. While on board ENS Ryan served as a deck watch officer, small boat coxswain, and the ship’s diving officer. After completion of his first sea tour, ENS Ryan was assigned as OIC of a Coast Guard Academy training vessel. ENS Ryan’s last assignment in the Coast Guard was a staff tour in the aids to navigation and waterways management office for the mid-Atlantic region. During this time he earned an MBA from Old Dominion University. After the Coast Guard, ENS Ryan worked for a marine construction company based out of Honolulu as a project manager, diving supervisor, and boat captain. ENS Ryan holds certifications as an ADC International Surface Supplied Air Diving Supervisor and a 100 GT master with towing and sailing endorsements. His lovely and talented wife, Catharine, flies helicopters for the Coast Guard.

Ensign Rachel M. Sargent Witherly

ENS Sargent, a Boston native, graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2007 with a BS in Marine Safety and Environmental Protection. During her time at the Academy, she spent 58 days at sea on the school’s 520’ training ship, traveling to Panama, Costa Rica, and Aruba. In her time off during school, ENS Sargent worked as a deck hand on a dinner cruise boat in Boston Harbor, as a volunteer SCUBA diver for the New England Aquarium, and as a tutor in the Writing Resource Center at the Academy. In her spare time, ENS Sargent enjoys SCUBA diving, horseback riding, skiing, volleyball, and softball. After hearing about the vast array of opportunities a career with NOAA Corps could offer, ENS Sargent spent two weeks on the NOAA ship ALBATROSS IV, as a scientist, in order to experience life on a NOAA vessel. ENS Sargent looks forward to the adventures life has in store for her as a NOAA Corps Officer.

Ensign Gregory R. Schweitzer

ENS Schweitzer grew up in Alexandria, Kentucky. He came to the NOAA Corps after 11 years of enlisted and commissioned officer service in the United State Air Force in the field of Meteorology. ENS Schweitzer has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and an Associate’s degree in Meteorology. In addition to his weather observing and forecasting experience with the Air Force, he worked as a Meteorological Technician for a National Weather Service contract firm and as a consultant in the insurance and logistic industries. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his children and his wonderful wife Shauna. ENS Schweitzer is honored for the opportunity to once again service this country and is looking forward to the unique positions available within the NOAA Corps.

Ensign Ryan A. Wartick

ENS Ryan Wartick Graduated from Fallbrook Union High in Southern California and then enlisted in the Navy. He completed the Naval Nuclear training pipeline and was selected for Submarine emergency welding school. After training was complete Ryan reported to the USS Georgia where he made 5 strategic patrols, graduated from Navy dive school and completed a degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Thomas Edison. After nine years he separated from the Navy and began working for Northrop Grumman as a Test Engineer. At Northrop Grumman he was part of Steam and Electric plant testing group working on the new Virginia class Subs. Ens Wartick enjoys running, cycling, and snow-boarding but most of all spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter. He is very exited about his new career in NOAA.

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