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NOAA Corps

BOTC 119

NOAA Basic Officer Training Class 119

NOAA Basic Officer Training Class 119 at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. 4th Step: ENS Chensue, ENS Europe, ENS Clark, ENS Friedlander, ENS Michael, ENS Wisotzkey. 3rd Step: ENS Pawlishen, ENS Belcher, ENS Golmon, ENS Abbitt, LCDR Miller. 2nd Step: LTjg Heesch, ENS Anderson, ENS Marwine, ENS DeTriquet, ENS Owen, ENS Carrier, ENS Chase. Ground: RADM Bailey, Dr. Sullivan

June 20, 2012

Ensign Rosemary Abbitt

ENS Rosemary P. Abbitt reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin her basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining the NOAA Commissioned Corps, ENS Abbitt was participating in an internship at the Atlantic Hydrographic Branch (AHB) at NOAA's Marine Operations Center – Atlantic, in Norfolk, Virginia, through Earth Resources Technology, Inc. During her time at AHB, she reviewed hydrographic surveys for acceptance and compiled surveys for the updating of nautical charts. Additionally, she sailed on the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson and the NOAA Ship Ferdinand Hassler, while learning about Multibeam and Side Scan Sonar field acquisition and processing. Prior to working with NOAA's National Ocean Service, she worked at Springmaid Pier in their tackle shop in Myrtle Beach, SC while she was working on her undergrad.

ENS Abbitt graduated from Piedmont Virginia Community College with an Associate's Degree in General Studies of Science and then graduated from Coastal Carolina University (CCU) in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science. ENS Abbitt was born to be in the water, on the water, and under the water! She has always had a love of the ocean and her name actually means "Dew of the Sea."

ENS Abbitt's other proficiencies include being a NAUI certified Advanced Diver, and she is fascinated by coral reef and fishes. She conducted an independent research project during her senior year at CCU on Coral Diversity in Discovery Bay, Jamaica and she aspires to become a working diver for NOAA in the near future to continue her dive education.

While ENS Abbitt enjoyed learning about Hydrography during her internship, and becoming somewhat of a "Hydro Geek," she aspires to be a "Fish Head" and sail on a NOAA's Fisheries vessel for her first sea assignment. Although she has an open mind and will gladly go where ever she is needed! She is proud to serve her country and she looks forward to a long career in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps!

Ensign Brittany Anderdon

ENS Brittany Anderson arrived at the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012 to begin her basic officer training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Before reporting to NOAA, ENS Anderson was performing research at Hawaii Pacific University. She was studying a coastal wetland on O'ahu, Hawaii, to determine the effects human land use change was having on the health and evolution of the basin. Prior to this, ENS Anderson performed climate change research via dendrochronology at President George Washington's plantation at Mt. Vernon, VA. ENS Anderson's first taste of marine research was performed in the beautiful, remote reefs of Taveuni Island, Fiji. There, she performed reef checks and provided fisheries management education to the villagers of Bouma over two months' time.

ENS Anderson graduated from Longwood University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She immediately departed for Hawaii Pacific University to pursue her Master of Science in Marine Science; in 2010 she defended her thesis and is completing edits for publishing to receive her degree. ENS Anderson was born in south Florida and has always felt a connection to the coastal and oceanic resources of our nation's coastlines.

Married to a U.S. Army National Guard soldier who has served overseas, she was inspired to apply her marine education to serve her country in this amazing and unique opportunity that the NOAA Corps provides.

Ensign Ryan Belcher

ENS Ryan Belcher reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin training as a member of BOTC 119. The son of career Army officers, he eagerly accepted a direct commission in the NOAA Commissioned Corps following graduation so that he could continue his family legacy of service to his country. Although NOAA is his first professional position, ENS Belcher conducted RADAR climatology research during his Stony Brook Research Experience for Undergraduates.

ENS Belcher graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology with a minor in both Mathematics and Oceanography. He claims Belton, Texas, as his home and it was there that he earned his Eagle Scout and Sea Scout Quartermaster Awards through the Boy Scouts of America. His love of weather, which started at a young age, propelled him to his undergraduate field and discovery of NOAA as a career option.

ENS Belcher hopes to sail on either a fisheries or an ecosystems vessel in the near future. He considers flight school as an exciting option to advance his potential assignments.

Ensign William J. Carrier

ENS William J. Carrier reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin his basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA, ENS Carrier was an Environmental Scientist working for his own company, Outer Island Environmental, LLC, on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Prior to starting Outer Island Environmental, LLC, he worked as an environmental scientist and consultant throughout the Hawaiian Islands beginning in 2007.

ENS Carrier graduated from the University of Hawaii (UH) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. ENS Carrier worked in the Keck Chemistry laboratory at UH where he conducted research in the new field of astro-chemistry and was lead author on four published journal papers including one on greenhouse gases. ENS Carrier also graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy in 2004. During this time he studied for two semesters in Australia at Newcastle University. ENS Carrier has had an interest in environmental science and physics since interning at Lockheed Martin in Orlando Florida early 2001. His interest in NOAA Corps began during a 2011 consulting job at NOAA's new facility on Ford Island on Oahu, Hawaii.

ENS Carrier's other areas of expertise include being a PADI certified diver; certification in First Aid and CPR; a Commercial Driver's license (hazmat endorsement); and confined space entry, HAZWOPER, Polychlorinated biphenyl's, forklift, lead and asbestos training. ENS Carrier is an avid waterman and has been enjoying the Ocean and water through the following various activities since his early life: surfing, paddle-boarding, skimming, scuba-diving, snorkeling, swimming, boating, wakeboarding, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing.

Ensign Elizabeth Chase

Prior to reporting to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center of 4 February 2012, ENS Elizabeth Chase enlisted as a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive into the US Navy. Her enlistment was a means of serving her country while obtaining a college education. In keeping with her oath, she faithfully went where the Navy needed her, serving her enlistment contract at NIOC Hawaii. This was a fortuitous path for her to take, allowing her to not only serve her country, but also hold a full time secondary job with one of the dive companies on the island of Oahu. Working her way up from deckhand, to trainer, to head diver in charge of all dive operations, ENS Chase gained a great deal of hands on, practical diving and boat handling experience.

Upon realizing that a career path on the water through her enlistment with the Navy was not likely, she ended her active duty service in 2008, continuing service as a Reservist in Massachusetts while attending college classes. Receiving her 100 ton mate license in 2008 just after leaving active duty service, ENS Chase was introduced to the NOAA Corps and has been working towards this "calling" with dedication ever since. During an internship with NOAA's Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship program, she was able to work at NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, as well as on-board the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer as a mapping intern on board for the Galapagos Rift Expedition 2011. She recently graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. There, she spent time during her senior year conducting the first population survey of a minimally studied octopus north of Seattle, WA; research that she presented at the 2011 American Academy of Sciences Diving for Science Symposium. ENS Chase eagerly looks forward to her time on NOAA vessels, active engagement in the diving program, and all the other possibilities that the NOAA Corps offers.

Ensign Gavin D. Chensue

ENS Gavin D. Chensue reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin his journey as a NOAA Commissioned Officer. Prior to joining NOAA, ENS Chensue worked as a research assistant at the University of Michigan where he worked on weather modeling and model verification.

ENS Chensue graduated from the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering in May 2011, with a BSE in Earth Systems Science and Engineering concentrating in Climate Physics and Meteorology. While at university, ENS Chensue worked on many projects including the National VORTEX 2 Research Project chasing tornados across the central planes. ENS Chensue was active in his local American Meteorological Society Chapter, and learned of the NOAA Corps while attending the annual AMS conference in 2011. He has always held a special love for the ocean and for science, and found the Corps to be the perfect fit.

ENS Chensue hopes to attend the NOAA dive school and become a certified diver to better serve in the NOAA Corps fleet.

Ensign Jason C. Clark

ENS Jason C. Clark reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin Basic Officer Training Class 119 in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to being appointed as a NOAA Corps commissioned officer, ENS Clark was serving in the Virginia Air National Guard (VANG) as a Weather Forecaster in the 200th Weather Flight, where he was able to exercise his love for weather. While in the VANG he was finishing his degree, working as a part-time systems analyst, and substituting at local high schools. Before that he served active duty in the United States Air Force. He began his enlistment as an F-15 Eagle Avionics Technician, and was later hand-picked to be an F-22 Raptor Avionics Technician in the 27th AMU.

While serving active duty ENS Clark earned an Associate's Degree in Applied Science – Avionic Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). While in the VANG, he earned an Associate's Degree in Weather from the CCAF, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Christopher Newport University, and interned at the NOAA Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. Before reporting to Basic Officer Training Class 119, he was 4 credits away from earning his Master of Arts in Teaching.

ENS Clark was born in Fort Ord, California, and had the privilege to see most of the diverse and natural beauty that the United States has to offer while growing up as an Army dependent. He has always had a fascination with the oceans and weather, and recently earned his PADI diving certification in order to better explore the former. He feels extremely blessed to be an American and to have had the amazing opportunities that have been afforded to him, and is extremely appreciative for all of the help he has received in achieving his goals. As a result, he is overcome with a genuinely impassioned sense of duty and a heart to serve his family, friends, country, and planet through the noble mission of the NOAA Corps. ENS Clark has seen the importance of the NOAA Corps mission first-hand, and is eager to do his part by becoming a vital member of an oceanic and atmospheric research or ecosystems research vessel.

Ensign Richard C. de Triquet

ENS Richard C. de Triquet joined the NOAA Corps on 4 February 2012. Prior to the NOAA Corps, he conducted research at the University of Notre Dame and provided support for several projects including an environmental niche model funded by the NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research. The model is being used to assess the risk posed to the Great Lakes by several invasive species being spread by a number of vectors including global shipping. ENS de Triquet also helped investigate the ecological impacts of Rusty Crayfish by diving the lakes of northern Wisconsin.

ENS de Triquet also taught Biology labs at Appalachian State University after he earned a Masters of Science in Biology in December 2010. His Master's research, completed under the guidance of Sue Edwards, merged the two very different fields of fish physiology and cancer biology. He investigated the expression of the Abelson Oncoprotein in Zebrafish during the establishment of hematopoiesis. ENS de Triquet earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Belmont Abbey College in 2008 where his diverse interests spanning the breadth of biology first developed.

His interests in aquatic biology, fish physiology, and his love of all things related to water have guided him towards his recent commission with the NOAA Corps. He is a PADI advanced open water diver and his other interests include rock climbing, backpacking, and canoeing. ENS de Triquet is looking forward to utilize his prior research experience and training skills acquired at the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center to contribute to NOAA's fisheries research.

Ensign James R. Europe

ENS Europe reported to NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin his basic officer training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA Corps, ENS Europe was working as a fisheries biologist for the Peconic Bay Scallop Restoration Project in Southold NY. ENS Europe has also previously worked teaching marine science and sailing in Oyster Bay, and as a fisheries observer in Kodiak, Akutan and Dutch Harbor, AK.

ENS Europe grew up sailing with his parents and brother in the waters around Long Island, NY and quickly developed an interest in the water. During his college career he spent a semester at sea aboard the tallship Spirit of Massachusetts. In 2005 he graduated from Southampton College of Long Island University with a degree in biology. ENS Europe discovered the NOAA Corps after returning to Long Island University to pursue a Masters in Biology.

ENS Europe enjoys diving, collecting and cataloguing mollusks, and sailing. He holds a USCG 50 Ton Near Coastal Master License. He looks forward to serving his first sea assignment on one of NOAA's fisheries or ecosystem research vessels.

Ensign Cherisa L. Friedlander

ENS Cherisa L. Friedlander began her basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps on 4 February 2012. Before joining NOAA, ENS Friedlander worked as Camp Director and Education Specialist for Save The Bay, an environmental non-profit supporting Narragansett Bay in Providence, Rhode Island. While working for the organization, she obtained her captain's license and operated the 26' M/V Swift, one of Save The Bay's many educational vessels. When she wasn't driving, she was deckhand aboard their 45' M/V Alletta Morris, deploying plankton tows, secci disks, and otter trawls with students. She served for two years on the board of the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association and taught workshops at both state and regional conferences. Prior to working full time for Save The Bay, she was Assistant Manager at their popular beachside Exploration Center and completed an internship at New England Aquarium in the Lobster Rearing Facility.

ENS Friedlander graduated Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and a Minor in Psychology. Since childhood, ENS Friedlander has had an interest in all things water related. As a young adult, she was a waterfront instructor and outdoor educator at a local Girl Scout camp. She was a competitive swimmer for fifteen years and served as a captain of both her high school and college swim teams. Having been inspired by a father and brother serving in the US Navy, she has followed her own passion of science and service into the NOAA Corps.

Additionally, ENS Friedlander was a lifeguard for nine years and holds certifications in CPR, First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid. She is a registered US Swimming Coach and holds a US Coast Guard Limited Master License. She is looking forward to expanding on her maritime skills and hopefully serving on a NOAA fisheries vessel in the future.

Ensign Kristin Golmon

ENS Kristin Golmon reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin her basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA, ENS Golmon was working as a Dive Instructor in Hawaii. Before that, she worked in Houston supporting midstream software for natural gas processing. Prior to working as a software consultant, she was an intern at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, working to model carbon uptake in the ocean via satellite. Prior to working for NASA, ENS Golmon interned with the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, studying the effect of epiphytes on the acoustic properties of seagrasses.

ENS Golmon graduated from Trinity University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science and minors in Math and Environmental Studies. She studied Marine Biology during a study abroad semester at James Cook University in Australia, and spent three weeks volunteering as a research diver on Lizard Island during that time. ENS Golmon has a strong interest in alternative energy and sustainable systems, and NOAA Corps provided the perfect opportunity to combine her engineering, environmental, diving, and service interests into a meaningful career.

ENS Golmon is currently a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and hopes to get involved with the NOAA diving program, including trimix diving and instructing for NOAA at some point. She is a competitive swimmer and water polo player, and loves to be in or on the water as much as possible.

Ensign Casey S. Marwine

ENS Casey S. Marwine reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin his training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA, ENS Marwine was a Geospatial Analyst working for MDA Information Systems.

ENS Marwine graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010 with Bachelor of Science in Geographical Information Systems. While attending college, ENS Marwine was an intern for NOAA in the Marine Charting Division at the Silver Spring, MD office.

In 2009 ENS Marwine completed his Private pilot license for single engine aircrafts. He is also PADI open water dive certified. ENS Marwine aspires to be on a hydrographic vessel and he would like to become a part of the NOAA aviation program one day. He is committed to the mission of the NOAA corps and proud to serve.

Ensign Kevin Michael

ENS Kevin L. Michael was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. He reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012 to begin his basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA, ENS Michael worked as a mechanical design engineer at Arkansas Nuclear One, a two-unit nuclear power plant. Prior to working for Arkansas Nuclear One he participated in a NASA sponsored summer internship at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) where he worked on the Robotic Lunar Lander Development Project.

ENS Michael graduated from Arkansas Tech University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics, as well as an Associate of Science in Nuclear Technology. Since early in high school, ENS Michael has had an interest in engineering and has also felt a strong personal calling to serve his country. It was the combination of service and science, as well as the opportunity for travel and adventure that led ENS Michael to pursue a career in the NOAA Commissioned Corps.

ENS Michael successfully passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and received his Engineer-In-Training certification from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. He holds a PADI Open Water Diver certification and hopes to further develop his diving skills by participating in the NOAA Diving Program. ENS Michael is looking forward to applying his engineering background to the numerous opportunities presented in the NOAA Commissioned Corps.

Ensign Hadley A. Owen

ENS Hadley A. Owen reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin her basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Immediately prior to joining NOAA, ENS Owen lived in Seattle, WA, and worked for two summers for the National Park Service in Southeast Alaska, operating a 35' jet boat for Glacier Bay National Park. Prior to that, she worked for several years in the small cruise ship industry, serving as deckhand, Bosun, and, briefly, Mate/Engineer, on vessels ranging from 112' to 155'. Through her time with two companies – Lindblad Expeditions and American Safari Cruises – she cruised and worked in Southeast Alaska, Baja California, and the Columbia and Snake Rivers in Washington and Oregon.

ENS Owen graduated from Princeton University in 2000, with a Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences. Born and raised in Charleston, SC, she started exploring the saltwater marshes by boat in early high school. A college semester-away with Sea Education Association gave her a first taste of shipboard life, sailing as crew on a voyage from Key West to Bermuda to Woods Hole, MA, on the SSV Westward. Just prior to receiving her acceptance into NOAA Corps, ENS Owen was delighted to have the opportunity to sail again with SEA, as a deckhand on the SSV Corwith Cramer.

ENS Owen holds a USCG 100-ton Near-Coastal Master's license and an AB, Special. She enjoys living and learning in new and unfamiliar places, and spent a year in New Zealand, on a Working Holiday Visa, and five months, primarily in Buenos Aires, learning to speak Argentine Spanish. ENS Owen is hoping to return to Alaska to explore new coastline on a NOAA hydrographic vessel.

Ensign Douglas Pawlishen

ENS Douglas W. Pawlishen reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin his basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA, ENS Pawlishen graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in May 2011, with a degree in Natural Resources and minors in Wildlife Management and Criminal Justice.

ENS Pawlishen worked as an on-call firefighter in his hometown of South Hadley, Massachusetts. While on summer breaks from his University he worked for the National Park Service at Cape Cod National Seashore as a wildland firefighter. He then went to work for the United States Forest Service in Custer, South Dakota, as a member of the Black Hills Helitack Crew.

ENS Pawlishen has had an interest in coral reef ecosystems since a young age where he began snorkeling on family vacations. ENS Pawlishen is an Advanced NAUI Scuba Diver and has enjoyed multiple dives out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and Key Largo, Florida. He hopes to go on to serve on an ecosystems research platform and attend NOAA Dive School.

Ensign Charles J. Wisotzkey

ENS Charles J. Wisotzkey reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 4 February 2012, to begin his training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining the NOAA Commissioned Corps, ENS Wisotzkey served as a Captain in the United Starts Army, which he joined following the completion of college. In the Army, he served as Armor Officer in the positions of Battalion Assistant Operations Officer, Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, and Battalion Supply Officer, before leaving the service in July 2011, in order to pursue a career with the NOAA Corps.

ENS Wisotzkey graduated from Vassar College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy. His interest in oceanography, marine fisheries, and nautical science grew from a semester spent attending the Sea Education Association (SEA) Semester program during his junior year of college, as well as from a life spent living close to the ocean.

ENS Wisotzkey looks forward to combining love of service, interest in the sciences, and the pursuit of operational excellence as a mariner and as an officer in the NOAA Corps.

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