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NOAA Corps



NOAA Corps ranks mirror U.S. Navy ranks, as do the abbreviations for each of those ranks. The table below shows the abbreviations used by the NOAA Corps and other uniformed services, including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Public Health Service, and those commonly used by media who adhere to Associated Press style. The NOAA Corps does not have enlisted personnel. Please note that Vice Admiral is the highest rank attainable in the NOAA Corps.

Rank Abbreviations
Full Rank NameStandard Uniformed Service AbbreviationAssociated Press (Media) Style
Vice Admiral VADM Vice Adm.
Rear Admiral RADM Rear Adm.
Rear Admiral (lower half) RDML Rear Adm. (lower half)
Captain CAPT Capt.
Commander CDR Cmdr.
Lieutenant Commander LCDR Lt. Cmdr.
Lieutenant LT Lt.
Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG Lt. j.g.
Ensign ENS Ens.

Award Ribbons and Insignia

Pictured below in order of precedence are the ribbons awarded by the Department of Commerce, NOAA and NOAA Corps. NOAA officers may also receive awards from other services such as the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. NOAA Corps insiginia are also pictured below.

NOAA Corps Awards and Insignia

NOAA Corps awards and insignia.

NOAA Corps Flag

NOAA Corps flags may be purchased from U.S. Flag & Signal in Virginia Beach, Virgina (phone: 877-497-8947).

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