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NOAA Corps


NOAA Basic Officer Training Class 122

NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC) 122 at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where they train alongside Coast Guard officer candidates. Members of BOTC 122 include ENS Michael J. Ball, ENS Jacob G. Barbaro, ENS Jacob H. Blaauboer, ENS Joseph L. Brinkley, ENS Calandria M. DeCastro, ENS Alisha Friel, ENS Nathaniel E. Gilman, ENS Jon T. Karagiannakis, ENS Conor M. Maginn, ENS Diane M. Perry, and ENS Dustin R. Picard.

Thank you for your interest in the NOAA Corps! This section provides information about eligibility requirements, pay and benefits, how to apply, pre-commissioning requirements, and information about basic NOAA Corps officer training.

The NOAA Corps seeks officer candidates with science or engineering backgrounds, a desire to serve their country, and leadership potential. If you have these qualities and are interested in a career incorporating service, science, and adventure, you will find a unique opportunity in the NOAA Corps. We encourage you to explore our website.

For further information, questions, and guidance on the NOAA Corps, contact our recruiters.

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