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NOAA Corps


Pre-Commissioning Medical Screening Process

If you are recommended as a primary or alternate candidate by the Officer Personnel Board (OPB) to receive a temporary appointment into the NOAA Corps, you will be required to submit the following items prior to the scheduling of your pre-commissioning physical examination:

The completed forms and medical information must be sent to the Medical Administration Branch electronically using NOAA's Accellion Secure File Transfer (invitation to use is required).

Once your forms are reviewed, you may be required to submit additional medical documentation pertaining to medical condition(s) identified on your Form DD2807-2.

You will receive written notification from the Medical Administration Branch if additional medical information is necessary.

Additional medical documentation must be submitted to the Medical Administration Branch as soon as possible. In order to expedite the pre-commissioning physical examination process, it is highly recommended that you have a copy of your medical records pertaining to medical conditions identified on your Form DD2807-2 readily available.

Note: In some cases you will not be scheduled for a pre-commissioning physical examination until this information has been received and reviewed.

Each primary candidate and alternate is required to undergo a pre-commissioning physical examination and will report to a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) for completion of a NOAA pre-commissioning physical examination.

Selected candidates must be able to satisfactorily pass the mental and physical examination as prescribed by the NOAA Corps Directives in order to receive an appointment in the NOAA Corps.

Primary candidates and selected alternates must be prepared to bring a copy of the following items to the pre-commissioning physical examination:

  • Immunization records
  • Eyeglass prescription for glasses or contacts (if applicable-must be written within the past 10 months)
  • Current wellness examination and PAP smear report (females only)-if available and performed within the past 10 months
  • A current mammogram report (females age 40 and older)-if available and performed within the past 10 months
  • A current dental examination and bite wing x-rays (if available and performed within the past 10 months)
  • PPD results (if available and performed within the past 10 months)

Note: Upon completion of the pre-commissioning physical examination conducted at MEPS, additional testing may be required to assist the medical officer in making a final medical determination regarding your medical suitability for the NOAA Corps.

Any expenses associated with additional testing outside of the scope of the NOAA prescribed pre-commissioning physical examination will be at your own expense.

Failure to provide the necessary information will prevent the medical officer from making a final determination regarding your medical status and your application will not be considered for further processing.

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