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BOTC 119 during a training exercise at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
March 1, 2012
Type: Media: Image

Basic Officer Training Class 119 following the completion of a training exercise at the United States Merchant Marine Academy

NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps Officers
December 23, 2020
Type: Media: Article

New act will enable the NOAA Corps to support NOAA and the nation more effectively.

Basic Officer Training Class 136
November 17, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Front Row (L-R): Ensign Emily Ruhl, Ensign Brianna Villalon, Ensign Allegra Menniti, Ensign Alexis Ferguson

Back Row (L-R): Lt. Christopher Gallagher, Ensign Michael Fulton, Ensign Ian Searles, Lt. Michael Ball, Capt. Michael Levine, Ensign Skyler Jordan, Ensign Tyler Hall, Ensign Jonas Veazey
NOAA Ship Oregon II welcomes new crew member
September 22, 2020
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Ship Oregon II welcomes her newest Operations Officer, Lt. Kristin Raja,

Basic Officer Training Class 135
April 15, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Left to Right:

Top Row: Ensign Matthew Chonka, Ensign Luke McConville, Ensign Karl Wagner

2nd Row: Ensign Abby Letts, Ensign Tyler Houck

3rd Row: Ensign Anthony Zoller, Ensign Mark Meadows, Ensign Jesse Pierce

4th Row: Ensign Luke Petzy, Ensign Christine Sealing, Ensign Jessica Spruill

5th Row: Ensign Alice Beittel, Ensign Kelly Wooten

Bottom Row: Lt. Cmdr. Larry Thomas, Capt. Michael Levine, Lt. Chris Gallagher

BOTC 134 Visits NOAA Ship Bigelow
September 1, 2019
Type: Media: Image

Basic Officer Training Class 134 poses in front of NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow on September 1, 2019.

Basic Officer Training Class 134
November 19, 2019
Type: Media: Image

Left to Right Back row: Ensign Justin Blancher, Ensign Gregory Friedman, Ensign Trevor Grams, Ensign Kyle Vincent, Ensign John Atnip, Ensign Cassidy Ring, Ensign Logan Dodson. Left to Right Front row: Lt. Pete Gleichauf, Ensign Emma Strong, Ensign Carly Robbins, Ensign Josephine Moore, Ensign Ariane Huddleston, Cmdr. Michael G. Levine, Ensign Thomas Cervone-Richards, Ensign Giovanna Lesser, Ensign Karina Urquhart, Ensign Haley Glos, Ensign Katherine Mitchell, Lt. Cmdr. Larry Thomas

Commander Sarah Duncan stands on the deck of NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
September 26, 2019
Type: Media: Article

Meet Commander Sarah Duncan and discover how a seed that was planted in her as a child has blossomed into her becoming the Commanding Officer of NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson!

Basic Officer Training Class 132
June 11, 2019
Type: Media: Image

Left to right: Top row: ENS Alejandro Amezcua, ENS Thomas Smith, ENS Eben Smith; Top middle row: ENS Nicolas Osborn, ENS John Stephens; Bottom middle row: ENS Nicole Morgan, ENS Jaime Hendrix, ENS Gabriella McGann, ENS Andie Cuiffo, ENS Julia Waldsmith; Bottom row: CDR Keith Golden, LT Calandria DeCastro, LTJG Peter Gleichauf

Basic Officer Training Class 133
May 14, 2019
Type: Media: Image

Left to right: Top row: ENS Collin McMillan, ENS Adam Rand, ENS Kyler Johnson; Top middle row: ENS Kevin Tarazona, ENS Brandon Schleiger, ENS Kennieth Brewer; Bottom middle row: ENS Jane Saunders, ENS Iris Ekmanis, ENS Kaitlyn Brogan, ENS Danielle Koushel; Bottom row: ENS Patrick Faha, LTJG Peter Gleichauf, CDR Michael Levine, LT Larry Thomas, ENS Timothy Montera  



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