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NOAA Corps

Personnel Center

The Commissioned Personnel Center (CPC) is the human resources service function of the NOAA Corps. CPC services NOAA Corps applicants, recruits, active duty and retired members and their families. CPC administers all of the personnel functions from entry into service through retirement or separation to decedent affairs. CPC maintains the NOAA Corps Directives and advises the NOAA Corps director on all NOAA Corps personnel issues. CPC facilitates recruiting, temporary and permanent appointments of NOAA Corps officers, promotions, pay, entitlements, assignments, training, awards, uniform regulations, discipline, and board activities as defined in the NOAA Corps Directives. In addition, CPC maintains and develops the NOAA Corps leadership development framework and councils active duty members on their career development, assuring that officers acquire competencies needed to successfully compete for levels of higher responsibility within the organization. In addition, the CPC administers the NOAA Corps medical standards, and all medical communication with our officers; assuring that NOAA Corps officers are fit for duty as defined by the NOAA Corps Directives. CPC also maintains the service member's official personnel file.

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