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Small Boat Program

Contact NOAA Small Boat Program

Mailing Address

NOAA Small Boat Program Office
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Building 3
Seattle, WA 98115
206-526-6037 Fax

NOAA Small Boat Program Manager

LCDR Nick Morgan (206-553-0258)

Areas of Responsibility: Program Administration, Line Office/NOAA Management Liaison, Regulatory Compliance Assessment and Assistance, Operational Risk Assessment Review, Small Boat Safety Board.

NOAA Small Boat Program Executive Officer

LT Josh Fredrick (206-553-7590)

Areas of Responsibility: Point of contact for field personnel, assists the Manager in the oversight of the Small Boat Program, web page updates, vessel inventory and compliance.

NOAA Small Boat Program Inspection Coordinator

Darel McCormick (206-304-7470)

Areas of Responsibility: Coordination and scheduling of boat inspections, identification of applicable regulation, boat inspection and marine survey.

NOAA Small Boat Program Engineering Coordinator

Jeff Kingrey (301-520-0783)

Areas of Responsibility: Small boat engineering maintenance program, engineering technical research and assistance, small boat alteration review and inspections.

NOAA Small Boat Program Training Coordinator

Paul Moreno (202-577-5765) 

Areas of Responsibility: Coordination and scheduling of training courses; manages training development.

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