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Small Boat Program


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Type: Media: Document

Suggested inventory for first aid kits carried aboard class A and class I small boats.

NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai and Small Boat at work
September 30, 2016
Type: Media: Image

The small boat Metal Shark and crew (Rich Hinostroza, Joao Garriques, Andrew Gray, James Morioka, Kerry Reardon) alongside NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai with a derelict fish aggregation device they recovered from a reef. 

Type: Media: Document

The Safety Orientation Briefing Checklist can be used to create a boat-specific orientation checklist. Use of a checklist during each safety briefing is strongly encouraged.

July 8, 2016
Type: Media: Article

A summary of incidents occuring aboard NOAA small boats, to be used by the community as Lessons Learned. This document will be updated montly, and covers Fiscal Year 2016.

Type: Media: Document

Operating units shall use the the Pre-Acquisition Worksheet to assess the suitability of the small boat.

A small boat with crew on it is hoisted midair back to a NOAA ship
May 23, 2016
Type: Media: Image

A small boat is recovered and hoisted onto the NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai after returning from a diving mission. 

NOAA staff on a small boat at sea during diving operations
May 25, 2016
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Divers and crew members from the NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai pose for a photo on one of the Hi'ialakai's small boats after a day of diving. 


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