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Inspection Schedule

(last updated March 17, 2015)
Vessel Scheduled Dates Location Type Status
Hi'ialakai 07-10 OCT 2014 Honolulu, HI In Port Completed
Oscar Elton Sette 04-07 NOV 2014 Honolulu, HI Underway Completed
Nancy Foster 02-05 DEC 2014 Charleston, SC Underway Partial - Underway rescheduled: TBD
Bell M. Shimada 21-23 JAN 2015 Alameda, CA In Port Completed
Henry B. Bigelow 21 MAR 2015 Norfolk, VA Underway Confirmed rescheduled underway inspection
Oscar Dyson 04-07 MAR 2015 Kodiak, AK In Port Completed
Gordon Gunter TBD Pascagoula, MS Underway Rescheduling in progress
Oregon II 22-24 APR 2015 Pascagoula, MS Underway  
Fairweather 05-08 MAY 2015 Kodiak, AK Underway  
Pisces 18-21 MAY 2015 Pascagoula, MS In Port  
Rainier 07-10 JUN 2015 Kodiak, AK Underway  
Okeanos Explorer 23-26 JUN 2015 Honolulu, HI In Port  
Ronald H. Brown 29 JUN - 02 JUL 2015 Seattle, WA Underway  
Thomas Jefferson 07-09 JUL 2015 Norfolk, VA In Port  
Ferdinand Hassler TBD     Technical Assistance Visit by request
Reuben Lasker TBD     Technical Assistance Visit by request

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