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Telephone Directory

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
8403 Colesville Road, Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282

Position Title Phone Number Fax Number
Director 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Secretary 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Deputy Director 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Executive Director 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Director, Marine and Aircraft Operations Centers 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Legislative Affairs (OMAO) 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Public Affairs (NOAA) 202-482-6090 202-482-3154
Public Affairs (OMAO) 301-713-7671 301-713-1541
Resource Management 301-713-1045 301-713-1577
Platform Acquisition Division 301-713-1045 301-713-4149
Program Services and Outsourcing 301-713-1045 301-713-1541
Health Services Director and
Dive Medical Officer
(Medical Confidential)
Safety & Environmental Compliance 301-713-7666 301-713-1541
Environmental Compliance 301-713-7666 301-713-1541
Information Management Division 301-713-7673 301-713-1578
Systems Development 301-713-7677 301-713-1578
NOAA Diving Center 206-526-6705 206-526-6506
Labor Relations 757-441-6746 757-441-6601

Links to directories for the following OMAO Centers:

Aircraft Operations Center in Tampa, Florida

Commissioned Personnel Center in Silver Spring, Maryland

Marine Operations Center in Norfolk, Virginia, and Newport, Oregon

Port Offices in Charleston, South Carolina, Honolulu, Hawaii, Pascagoula, Mississippi, San Diego, California and Woods Hole, Massachusetts



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