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NOAA Corps Commissioned Officer

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Officer Candidates Aboard Coast Guard Barque Eagle
Basic page
All officer candidates must attend an initial 19-week Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC). The curriculum is challenging, with onboard ship-handling exercises coupled with classroom instruction in leadership, officer bearing...
Basic page
Pre-Commissioning Medical Screening Process If you are recommended as a primary or alternate candidate by the Officer Personnel Board (OPB) to receive a temporary appointment into the NOAA Corps, you will be required to...
Basic page
Ranks NOAA Corps ranks mirror U.S. Navy ranks, as do the abbreviations for each of those ranks. The table below shows the abbreviations used by the NOAA Corps and other uniformed services, including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast...
Basic page
The Commissioned Personnel Center (CPC) is the human resources service function of the NOAA Corps. CPC services NOAA Corps applicants, recruits, active duty and retired members and their families. CPC administers all of the...
NOAA Basic Officer Training Class 122
Basic page
Thank you for your interest in the NOAA Corps! This section provides information about eligibility requirements, pay and benefits, how to apply, pre-commissioning requirements, and information about basic NOAA Corps officer...
G-IV crew and new paint scheme
April 15, 2015
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