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A child watched a diver inside an aquarium tank
August 13, 2018
Media: Article

Meet the new OMAO Deputy Line Office Diving Officer.

March 21, 2018
Media: Video
00:00:03.770 --> 00:00:10.750 The year was 1972. Folk, rock and soul music ruled the airwaves;   00:00:10.750 --> 00:00:14.699 platform shoes and bell-bottoms defined modern fashion,   00:00:14.700 --> 00:00:19.460...
Commander Dan Simon just after a dive in the Pacific.
January 18, 2017
Media: Article

Learn more about the life of a NOAA Corps officer and NOAA diver.

October 12, 2016
Media: Video
Two divers inside a large aquarium exhibit
June 30, 2016
Media: Article

What do NOAA Divers do during their off time? NOAA Corps ENS Niki Norton and Phil Manougian, LCDR Sarah Duncan, and LT Zach Cress use their NOAA diving skills to volunteer!

A diver points a striped pole toward a shark inside a large aquarium exhibit
January 29, 2013
Media: Image
Two divers inside a large aquarium exhibit
January 29, 2013
Media: Image
NOAA Basic Officer Training Class 127
May 4, 2016
Ensign Mason L. Carroll Ensign Mason L. Carroll reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 6 January, 2016 to begin his basic training in the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to joining NOAA, Ensign Carroll was a...

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