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NOAA Ship Ferdinand R. Hassler, a hyrdographic survey vessel, gets underway near Norfolk, Va
July 8, 2016
Media: Article

We're hosting our first-ever InstaMeet! Apply now to attend a change-of-command ceremony and tour NOAA Ship Ferdinand R. Hassler on June 21.

December 7, 2015 to December 17, 2015
This is a NOAA Coast Survey project.
(left to right) Adm. Karo, Donald G. Popejoy, Rolland L. Lech, Eugene A. Jones, Robert A. Ganse,  Jon W. Drosendahl, David V. Si
June 15, 1962
Media: Image
(left to right) Richard P. Williamson, Richard A. Rader, Allan Jenks, Stanley J. Ruden, Frank H. Branca, Bruce L. McCartney, Dav
October 12, 1962
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LCDR Hal P. Demuth, ENS Kenneth V. Marovich, ENS Donald D. Chapman, ENS Edward P. Cline, ENS Jeffrey G. Carlen, ENS David L. Des
December 1, 1962
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In 1972, exactly one hundred years after the first national park was created, the nation made a similar commitment to preserving its marine treasures by establishing the National Marine Sanctuary Program through the...
The NOAA Marine Operations Center-Atlantic (MOC-A) serves as a homeport for one NOAA survey ship and provides administrative, engineering, maintenance and logistical support to NOAA's Atlantic fleet.


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