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Small Boat Program

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Frequently Asked Question

What class is my boat?

Small Boat ClassDefinition
Class A less than 16 feet length overall
Class I 16 to less than 26 feet length overall
Class II 26 to less than 40 feet length overall
Class III 40 to less than 65 feet length overall
Small Research Vessel (SRV) greater than 65 feet length overall but less than 300 gross tons
Research Vessel Shearwater
Basic page
In this section, you will find resources for NOAA small boat operators, including information on length of vessel by class, safety and risk management, training, inspection, boat procurement, boat inventory, and useful links.
Basic page
Mailing Address NOAA Small Boat Program Office7600 Sand Point Way NEBuilding 3Seattle, WA 98115 NOAA Small Boat Program Manager CDR Nick Morgan (206-553-0258)E-mail: Areas of Responsibility: Program...

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