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NOAA Small Boat Component Course (Seattle)


Monday, September 25, 2017 - 11:00am

Event Information

The Small Boat Safety Program will be hosting a NOAA Small Boat Component Class in September.
Class Date:  25-Sept
Class Hours: Class beings at 0800, and continues through 1600 with lunch ~1200.
Instructor:  LCDR Megan Guberski, Mr. Jeff Kingrey
Tuition:  None
Available Slots:  7 open slots. Others can be placed on a wait list.
Location:  The class will be held at NOAA’s Western Regional Center (WRC) at 7600 Sand Point Way, Seattle, WA, 98115 ( The classroom is still TBD, and will be emailed out prior to class.
Travel Arrangements: If you are traveling to attend the class, please work with your local travel arranger for travel orders. A convenient hotel is the Silver Cloud Inn, in the University District. They have a free shuttle that can drop off and pick you up at the NOAA facility.

Access to NOAA WRC Facility: When you arrive on the 25th you will be stopped at the guard gate. Show your CAC card, and tell them you are attending the NOAA Small Boat Component Class. I will provide them a list of attendees. If you have a car, the guard will provide you with a parking pass for the week.

Meals: Lunch will not be provided. There is a cafeteria on the campus which serves breakfast and lunch. The closest lunchtime restaurants are ~2 miles from campus. Due to time constraints, students are encouraged to pack a lunch, get a takeaway lunch, or eat at the cafeteria. 

To sign up: Contact

Deadline to sign up:  11-Sept.



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