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September NOAA Divemaster Course


Repeats each year on on September on the second Monday.Sunday, September 18, 2022 - 3:00am to Saturday, October 1, 2022 - 2:45am

Event Information

September NOAA Divemaster Course in Seattle, WA. Please note: Due to logisitical concerns, dates for this course may not be finalized until closer to the course start date.

For more information about the course, including fees, who may apply, and other information, please see our NOAA Divemaster Course page. 

Application Package

All of the following application materials must be completed and received by the NOAA Diving Center on or before July 12, 2022 in order to be accepted.

All application materials (except medical forms) should be submitted to the NDP Support Team. Incomplete application packages or forms will not be accepted.

    1. NF 57-03-38 Training Request and Authorization Form
    2. Copies of your CPR, AED, First Aid, & Oxygen Administration certificates, valid through the end of class
      • NOAA employees only: If you are an existing NOAA Diver and if your safety certifications are current in the NOAA Dive Log, then you may omit this step.
    3. NF 57-03-09 Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Form
    4. NF 57-03-50, 51, 52 Report of Physical Examination (Initial exam)
      • Please send medical forms directly to the NOAA Diving Medical Officer (link sends e-mail)(DMO)(link sends e-mail), using a secured method of transfer since as these forms contain sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 
      • All candidates must have their diving physical examinations cleared by the NOAA DMO before you can be accepted into a course. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you begin the process to complete the diving medical physical exam as soon as possible to prevent delays in processing your application.
      • NOAA employees only: If you are an existing NOAA Diver, check your NOAA Dive Log profile to see if you need to submit this form, or if you need to submit the NF 57-03-54 Annual Update instead. Your medical DMO clearance must be valid through the end of your course. If your medical is valid through the end of training, you may omit these medical forms from your application package.



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