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Green Initiatives at CCEHBR

Jan 12

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key West, FL

The following notes are from Jay Lewis, Vessel Operations Coordinator.

R/V Laidly

  • Petrowrap tape was installed to protect hydraulic and other sensitive metal fittings from saltwater corrosion in an effort to prevent failures and possible environmental contamination, November 2004.
  • Main Engines replaced with Cummins QSL-9 EPA Tier 2 rated engines and returned to service March 16, 2005.
  • Engine room repainted with Barr Rust primer and two coats of Silent Running 1000, a marine grade anti-vibration and sound deadening paint during engine replacement, March 2005.
  • BoatSafe Model BSAT750 watt ABYC approved heaters installed in engine room and tank room, September 2007; possible energy improvement over old style "red element" heaters.
  • Hydraulic system fluid was converted to Soy Fluid Hydraulic All Season premium biodegradable - bio-based hydraulic oil, September 2007. Product was obtained from Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc (319) 276-4801.
  • RCI fuel purifiers #FP700 were purchased through Cummins Power Systems and installed to aid in preventing continued fouling of fuel injectors and promote cleaner burning of fuel by main engines, September 2007.
  • Oil water separators installed to provide oil-free bilge water for overboard discharge, 2006.
  • Abrasive blasting of the vessel bottom was conducted in 2004 and 2009 using environmentally friendly and recycled glass beads.
  • To the extent possible, only certified Maryland Clean Marinas, or Marinas that are pledged to the Maryland Clean Marinas Program are used to work on the R/V Laidly. The NCCOS Environmental Management System contributed to this decision.

Other Small Boats

  • Other small boats are equipped with fuel injected 4-stroke outboard motors.
  • To the extent possible, only use certified Maryland Clean Marinas for vessel related activities.




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