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NOAA Small Boat Accident Reporting

Jul 08
Small Boat Incidents
Updated 11/10/2016
Incident Date Nature of the Incident Cause Description
17-Oct-16 Twist or sprain Grounding SB in transit at cruise speed (17kts) altered course to avoid trap nets and grounded on a sandy shoal area. Intern, was thrown to the floor.
13-Oct-16 Abrasions & bruising Fall Stepped into the open hatch.
25-Aug-16 N/A Boat Handling Cracked port window during boom operations / egress of the boat basin.
3-Aug-16 Puncture Handling animal While sorting through mud, a redfish spine punctured through employees glove and into a finger
1-Aug-16 Contusion, crush, bruise slip, trip, fall While launching a small boat, fell off the boat while still holding onto the dock
29-Jul-16 left knee Improper boat handling Dislocated knee while docking small boat
28-Jul-16 Contusion; Bruise; Abrasion slip, trip, fall fell through open deck hatch
18-Jul-16 Insufficient Data Insufficient Data Lost winch cable while retrieving buoy.
21-Jun-16 Abrasion Struck Small waves in surf zone contributed to kayak flipping in waist high water and personnel scraped finger on rock/coral.
6-Jun-16 Contusion/Bruise/ Abrasion Struck Smashed the index finger.
23-May-16 N/A Fire Installing an alternator, cabin battery was not disconnected, caused electrical arcing. Fire was extinguished using portable fire extinguisher. Damage to the wiring and power system of the boat.
12-May-16 N/A Grounding Port engine and part of the skeg on the starboard had been lost
13-Dec-15 N/A Grounding A side scan sonar was lost, and the propeller was damaged in the grounding.
2-Nov-15 Contusion/Crush/Bruise Slip, trip, fall While removing skimmer trawl net, individual slipped on webbing, fell forward
27-Oct-15 Sprain/Strain Repetitive movement Vessel got caught in the trough of a ship's wake. The boat rolled, jerking employee and knocking individual into equipment
16-Oct-15 Sprain/Strain Repetitive movement Employee has torn rotator cuff due to repeated body movement from years of small boat operations
14-Oct-15 Electric shock Improper wiring While inspecting hull in shipyard, staff was struck with electricity while touching the hull. 
3-Oct-15 Contusion/Crush/Bruise Slip, trip, fall During photographing operations.



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