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NOAA Ship Rainier assists sailboat in distress

Sep 01
NOAA Ship Rainier Rescuing Sailboat in Distress
Ensign Airlie Pickett / NOAA

NOAA Ship Rainier assists a sailboat in distress off the California coast in September 2018.

NOAA Ship Rainier spent September 2018 completing a multi-leg project to investigate deep offshore areas of the southern California coast. While conducting surveys in the area, the hydrographic survey vessel and her crew took part in an unexpected mission. During the first leg of the project, the U.S. Coast Guard requested that Rainier divert to assist a disabled sailboat caught in 8- to 10-foot seas approximately 30 miles from shore. Rainier passed a tow line over and successfully towed the sailboat to sheltered waters and to an awaiting commercial salvage vessel.



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