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Utility Navigation

NOAA aircraft, ships and personnel support hurricane response efforts

Nov 30
CDR Ryan Kidder at the controls of NOAA's King Air

Cmdr. Ryan Kidder at the controls of NOAA's King Air 350 CER on Oct. 11, 2018, during an overflight of the Florida panhandle following Hurricane Michael.

NOAA aircraft flew more than 580 hours during the 2018 hurricane season, providing valuable data in support of forecasting, research and emergency response. Following storms, NOAA Corps officers and civilians surveyed waterways for submerged hazards to navigation and collected aerial imagery to assess damage in order to speed recovery and response efforts. The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season officially concluded on Nov. 30, and will be remembered most for hurricanes Florence and Michael, which caused significant damage in the southeastern U.S. In total, the season produced 15 named storms, including eight hurricanes of which two were “major” (Category 3, 4 or 5). NOAA aircraft also supported hurricane forecasting during the Pacific hurricane season.


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