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E.g., 2021-04-22
February 14, 2020
NOAA WP-3D Off Coast of Ireland in February 2020

NOAA "hurricane hunter" aircraft is helping NOAA calibrate and validate data collected by weather satellite sensors.

February 11, 2020
NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Docked in Hawaii

New ships will support a wide variety of missions, ranging from general oceanographic research and exploration to marine life, climate and ocean ecosystem studies.

January 7, 2020
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown at sea

Six-week scientific campaign in the Caribbean will include ships, aircraft, autonomous vehicles, buoys and other tools to study the interactions between the ocean and atmosphere.

September 26, 2019
Commander Sarah Duncan stands on the deck of NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson

Meet Commander Sarah Duncan and discover how a seed that was planted in her as a child has blossomed into her becoming the Commanding Officer of NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson!

May 16, 2019
Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck Discovered by NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

The unexpected and exciting find was made during the ship's shakedown expedition.

May 14, 2019
NOAA Lockheed WP-3D Orion with New Livery - October 2016

A highly-instrumented NOAA aircraft is collecting data across the Great Plains to improve our understanding of the relationships between severe thunderstorms and tornado formation.

May 14, 2019
NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette

The Honolulu-based ship is deploying researchers to set up camps in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands for four months.

December 4, 2018
NOAA Ship Pisces underway

Congratulations to the crew of Pisces, one of the vessels in NOAA's fleet of 16 research and survey ships.

November 30, 2018
CDR Ryan Kidder at the controls of NOAA's King Air

OMAO people and platforms were deployed from Hawaii to Bermuda to ensure forecasters, emergency managers, responders and the public had the information they needed to protect lives.

November 2, 2018
NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson Underway Off Puerto Rico in 2018

The 208-foot hydrographic survey vessel conducted seafloor surveys to identify submerged hazards to navigation following Hurricane Maria.

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