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NF 57-03-11 NOAA Volunteer Diver Service Agreement

What: This form is completed by prospective Volunteer Divers to document their status as unpaid federal employees for the purpose of providing Workers' Compensation coverage and to extend liability protection. The UDS should complete the section on ‘description of service to be performed.’ This does not need to be extremely specific, it is sufficient to generally describe the diving operations the Volunteer Diver will participate in. For example, ‘The Volunteer Diver will participate in NOAA Diving operations at Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary to collect scientific data on fishes, invertebrates and habitat.’

When: The UDS will submit this form to the NOAA Diving Program Manager through the account as part of the Volunteer Diver request package.

Record keeping: A digital or printed copy should be retained at the unit for the duration of the Volunteer Diver’s tenure.


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