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NF 57-03-22 (03-17) Dive Operations Plan - Safe Ship

What: This document is used to notify the bridge and department heads of diving operations and to provide an administrative control on activities which may cause a hazard to divers. Signatures of department heads shall only be placed on the document once all required lock-out, tag-out procedures have been completed. The Officer of the Deck (OOD) is responsible for making the included announcements over the ship’s public address system before diving operations begin, every fifteen (15) minutes during the diving operations, and at the conclusion of diving operations.

When: The Ship Diving Officer or Divemaster will ensure this form accurately describes the diving activities to be conducted before submitting it to the OOD for routing and signatures. A copy should be present at the dive site during the dive.

Record keeping: A digital or printed copy should be retained at the unit until twenty four (24) hours after completion of the diving operation.


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