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NF 57-03-23 (09-18) Dive Operations Plan: Pre and Post-Dive Checklist

What: This is a checklist to be used at the dive site before divers enter the water and after they exit. Some items on the checklist should be completed in advance of arriving at the dive site (divers are currently authorized, the Safe Ship form (NF 57-03-22) has been completed – if needed, safety equipment is tested and in good working order, etc.). Other items are completed immediately before divers enter and after they exit the water (recording of cylinder pressures, indication of entry and exit points, monitoring diver’s post-dive physical condition, etc.).

When: The UDS will ensure the assigned Divemaster or Lead Diver completes this form for every diving operation. For repetitive dives, a single copy is sufficient for each day’s diving operations, however each repetitive dive should include a briefing on planned depths, times and objectives. A copy should be present at the dive site during the dive.

Record keeping: A digital or printed copy should be retained at the unit until twenty four (24) hours after completion of the diving operation.


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