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NF 57-03-65 (2-15) SEP Measurement Form

What: This form is used by NOAA Diver candidates to ensure they receive the proper size gear during NOAA Diver Training classes. It is also used by locally trained NOAA Divers who wish to join the Standardized Equipment Program (SEP). It consists of contact information for the diver or diver candidate, a series of body measurements, and a comment section where specific preferences can be listed (e.g., 3 mm one-piece wetsuit, 7 mm two piece wetsuit). It is signed by the diver or diver candidate and the UDS.

When: The form should be submitted to the SEP Coordinator via the email address or sent via fax to (206) 529-2757 at least thirty (30) days prior to the NOAA Diver Training class.

Record keeping: Not required, but it is suggested to keep a copy until the diver or diver candidate receives their SEP gear.


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