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NOAA Fleet Societal Benefit Study

March 26, 2018

The NOAA Fleet Societal Benefit Study provides important new evidence about the value of NOAA’s ships to the nation and how the cost of using these assets compares to that of contract vessels.  Major results from this study include: “value chains” describing how data from the fleet support products and users; estimated annual dollar values of selected products; and mission-specific cost comparisons between NOAA and contract ships. The study, funded by NOAA and completed by Abt Associates and Corona Environmental Consulting under contract to the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations working in partnership with the office of the NOAA Chief Economist. The study team relied on extensive input and review from dozens subject matter experts and product support teams across NOAA. The study team also received guidance and suggestions from the NOAA Observing System Council. The study was conducted to support NOAA’s on-going efforts to modernize the current NOAA fleet.


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